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Tackling my bucket list, one half marathon at a time.

Nice Ta Meetcha


I’ve always wanted to blog. In college, I created this blog to post my sports broadcasting work. Well after college, my posts came to a halt.

And now I have a great reason to blog again! I need an outlet while training for my first full marathon.

  • Who: I’m running with about 8 of my cousins and 4 aunts/uncles.
  • What: Rock & Roll Marathon
  • When: Sunday June 3rd, 2012
  • Where: San Diego, CA
  • Why: Because I’m crazy.
  • How: I’m hoping to find this answer each day through my training.

First things first…I bought a brand new pair of running shoes (see right).

Second…My training program starts Monday!

Any words of the wise?

Cheers, Megan.


3 thoughts on “Nice Ta Meetcha

  1. You forgot to mention that you’re also running with your sister. Gee, thanks.

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