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1 Down, 17 to Go

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Week 1 of training is in the books. That means just 17 to go!

I had my long run on Saturday (6 miles). You would think 6 would be pretty simple, but for some reason I really struggled. Maybe it’s because I kept procrastinating. I was going to run BEFORE I went to the UW/OSU Men’s Basketball game, which they lost BTW. Then I was just going to run when I got home from the game. This didn’t happen either because I thought a nap was more important. So in the end I had to run the 6 on a treadmill at my gym. BORING. I’m making a vow to never have to do that on Saturdays again.

Today on the Training Calendar: rest. 

My program has 2 rest days a week, but I’m going to either do Pilates or Yoga on one of those days. So really…..

Today on the Training Calendar: Pilates Mat at Harbor.

Today’s motivation: all the food we ate last night for the Super Bowl.


One thought on “1 Down, 17 to Go

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