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Clear One Hurdle to Find Another

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My confidence level was at an all time low this weekend. I was supposed to tackle a 9-mile run on Saturday. Turns out, winter finally wanted to show its face in Wisconsin…it was a brutal 11 degrees. I decided to wait until Sunday to do the 9 miles, which wasn’t much better. Long story short, my legs felt like a million pounds, my breathing was all off and I had no energy. I only pulled out 6 miles, at a 9:39 pace..yikes!

And that is why I decided to send out an SOS to my family. We have a blog called “Kiki Made Me Do It” where we talk about our training. Kiki is my cousin…and she is making us do this marathon.

So after Sunday, I got really down on myself. I felt discouraged because for the first time, I wasn’t following my training plan. Then I got thinking, “maybe my body isn’t even ready for 9 miles yet.”

And so, I started week three. 3 miles were on the calendar yesterday. I spit out those 3 miles in 24:57! That’s a 8:18 average each mile, my fastest yet!

Today was a 5-mile run. I had the best day in weeks! I averaged an 8:39 mile pace, concentrated on my breathing on the uphills, and slowed down when I was feeling tired. I need to make a mental note of how I handled the run. Today was the confidence boost I needed.

So I’m looking at today’s run as if I cleared a hurdle. I was getting down on myself and I needed something to bring me back up. But even though I cleared one hurdle…I still have about 16 ahead of me. But that’s what a marathon is, right? Everyone would do it if it was easy.


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