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11 Miles? Easy As Pie


Yesterday, I accomplished my longest run yet…11 miles! I went into the run contemplating if I should go back to the Novice 1 training plan instead of Novice 2. In that case, only 9 miles would have been scheduled.

Well, once I got going, I got into a great groove. The weather was perfect; about 30 degrees and just a little bit of wind. Once I hit 4 miles, there was no way I was going to settle with only 9. When all was said and done, I finished with 8:44 minute averages!

What sort of things do you think about during long runs? I’m constantly counting down the distance I have remaining, which only makes it harder. I try to concentrate on my breathing, but that never works. If a great tune comes on my iPod, those 4ish minutes are going to rock. Maybe I just need to keep perfecting my playlist?

I have a 12-miler scheduled for Friday (supposed to be Saturday, but I’m going to a wedding). Last week, when I thought about my long run for the week, I got a horrible feeling in my stomach…just dreading it. Now, I feel like I can accomplish anything! What a great feeling.

Have a great week everyone.


2 thoughts on “11 Miles? Easy As Pie

  1. Runner’s high! Those are the runs that make all those crappy ones worth it. That is some serious work and I hope your 12 miler goes just as well.

  2. Thanks Dominick! Definitely got the runner’s high starting at 4 miles and loved it!

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