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Exercise Makes You Smarter



Little quick tidbit for you tonight:

Did you know exercise makes you smarter by giving your brain extra energy?

New research suggests the brain takes advantage of energy delivery systems just as much as your muscles.

When you exercise, your muscles create something called mitochondria, which provides the body with energy. It turns out brain cells also get a boost in mitochondria when you exercise. And when mitochondria is in the brain, it allows it to work faster and more efficiently.

Read the full article here.

SO, whether you exercise for the social aspect, to lose weight, or to relieve stress, you’re becoming a tad more clever.

Keep trucking friends, keep trucking.


2 thoughts on “Exercise Makes You Smarter

  1. This explains so much…I was beginning to think that everyone else was becoming stupid, it turns out I’ve just been running a lot and their brains can’t keep pace…

    …of course I am joking…sorta…

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