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My First Bump in the Road


Bad news comin’ atcha.

A few friends and I with the bride before the big shabang!

My first college friend got married this weekend! Nicole Mason is now Nicole Kroul (Nikroul as we like to call her), so congrats to Nicole and Matt Kroul!

No, that’s not the bad news yet.

Anyway, at one point in the night, I broke out my smooth dance moves. I’m not a heel wearer so I took them off immediately after dinner. While dancing in my bare tights, another woman landed right on my 2nd smallest toe…with her very large, pointy, heavy heel.

Ignore the horrible polish job. This pic doesn't do the black & blue/swelling justice.

I woke up yesterday morning with 5 swollen toes, one of them very black and blue. A day later…I can still barely walk on it. I iced it yesterday and I’m icing it again as I type, along with using the RICE method (Rest–Ice–Compression–Elevation).

Moral of this post? Never take a dance floor without shoes. Ever.

The 2nd moral of this post? This is putting a damper on my marathon training! I had a 12-mile run scheduled for Saturday. Because of the wedding, last week I moved all my workouts up a day and was planning on running the 12 on Friday. But turns out, mother nature thought Wisconsin hadn’t received enough snow this winter and she dumped it on us. My office even closed early on Friday!

So of course, I couldn’t run outside. And of course I’m not going to run 12 miles on a treadmill. So I ended up biking 24 miles and calling it a day. I figured I’d just make it up and run the distance today (Monday). Well, now we’re back to my toe injury story.

I’m going to have to take a few days off running and wait for the toe to heel. I don’t want to go to the doctor for fear he’ll tell me it’s broken. Any tips/advice from runners? Is this going to hurt my training? Anything you can give me is appreciated!


5 thoughts on “My First Bump in the Road

  1. If it’s that swollen and painful you may need to take more than a few days. If it doesn’t hurt to bike then that may be an answer to keep your cardio. I am dealing with something right now on the top of my foot, I took Friday through Monday off thinking it would be more than enough time for whatever is ailing me to heal but it came back a bit on my run this morning…I may be out of running and into a pool for a week to be safe. Your marathon isn’t until June so you should be fine to take a couple of weeks off from running without losing too much ground. Let the foot heal!

    • Dominick, unfortunately I didn’t take your advice…I just couldn’t sit around and do the bike again! I went running with a friend on Tuesday and we took it slow…my toe actually felt fine. And it felt fine yesterday post-run too. I’m thinking it’s just a bad bruise, thankfully not broken. I’m hope your foot “heals” just as well as mine! Any progress yet?

      • Glad to hear that yours was ok to run on…it must look a lot worse than it feels which is always good! I took today off, the problem is my foot feels fine until I get about halfway through my run, its either tendonitis or a stress fracture…hoping tendonitis.

      • Well, on the plus side..this is happening POST your first half. Do you have another race on the calendar yet? Take the time to heal!

      • I have 10k I may do next month but that won’t take much training….then I have the camp Pendleton mud run in June…that one is intense and full of hills!

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