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Marathon Motivation


In my last post I mentioned how my training wasn’t going so hot. I also mentioned how my sister (Tayler) was upset with me, since she’s 1 of the people I’m running the marathon with. Well, she read my post and then proceeded to “raise her voice” with me. She even went as far as telling me that I’d let all my blog readers down if I didn’t do this marathon.

…Like I have that many followers.

Anyway, she posted this on my Facebook wall last night:

 Pretty neat, eh?

Well I pulled out a 7-miler last night with 9:08 minute mile averages. Not too great, but not horrible either. I’ve got a 4-miler today, rest day tomorrow..maybe throwing in a little pilates, and then a half marathon on Saturday. The weather is supposed to be perfect…66 degrees.

I’ll let you know how it goes……..

BTW, tonight is the Badger game!! Are we going to the Elite 8?

You better be cheering for the badgers, or else!


3 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation

  1. I would be extremely disappointed if you didn’t rock the Rock’n’roll…my world would collapse and I may have to walk away from WordPress forever…obviously kidding but it sounds like your sister is awesome and just what you need to keep you focused!

    The San Diego R’n’R is supposed to be awesome (as you can see in your pic), plus, one of my friends told me it was the first event of the R’n’R series. I am still pondering the half marathon but I am not touching a marathon unless I get into NYC.

    Good luck to your Badgers tonight and your 13 miles run this weekend. Not sure if you use Daily Mile but it seems to be popular among bloggers for motivation, here is my link :

    • Well, just because I appreciate your blog..I’ll continue my training. But know it’s ONLY because of you.

      Yeah, she’s a hoot alright. I already know she’ll be kicking my butt during the run. We ran the US Half Marathon together in San Fran a year and a half ago she was nagging at me to move faster the whole time.

      Even if the run kicks my butt, I know it’ll be a good time. I think the training is going to be worse than the actual marathon. I’ll add you right now on DM!

  2. That’s what big sisters are for!

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