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Thursday Morning Tidbits


Quick thoughts while at work today:

1. Just read this article that says people who sit for 8-11 hours a day have a 15% increase in death risks compared to people who sit for 4-8 hours a day.

  • First thought: shoot.
  • Second thought: good thing I run.
  • Third thought: I need to go buy an exercise ball to use as my chair…at least I’ll be bouncing around a little. Reminder to self: go to Target after work.

2. Check out this sweet wind map. 

Google's Self-Driving Car

3. Another video for your watching: camera’s follow a blind man, Steve Mahan, sitting behind the wheel of a Google self-driving car.

4. It’s all over the news that Best Buy is, for lack of a better way to say this, screwed. My boyfriend has a job starting in July after he graduates grad school. All I am going to say is, my mother needs to stop sending me links like this in attempt to keep him in Madison.

House on the Rock

5. You Wisconsin-ites, or anyone who has traveled here: have you ever been to House on the Rock? Cool? Worth a visit?

6. (Last one) I watched bits and pieces of Forks over Knives last night at a friend’s house. Interesting perspective on how we need to eat more greens and less meat. Has anyone else seen this? What are your thoughts? I am going to rent this and watch it in full…soon. I just need to remember to visit an actual video store. I’m assuming it’s not on Netflix…

That’s all I’ve got. After all, it is only 10:18 am.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Tidbits

  1. 1. I use a ball at work…it definitely helps you feel like less of a pile.
    2. The wind map is pretty awesome
    3. The car is even more awesome…if everyone had a self-driving car then I wouldn’t have to sit in traffic anymore…computers are smarter than people so we wouldn’t have to slow down anymore.
    4. Retail is dead…sadly…only niche shops will survive and the sole purpose will be to educate…people will continue to go online to undercut retail…I am guilty of it except for when it comes to shops within walking distance.
    5. N/A
    6. It is on Netflix and available via Instant Watch…have you seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead…

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