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Running Without Gadgets…Say Whaa?


I just read this article that suggests running gadgetless. No iPod, no watch, no GPS.

Occasionally blocking out all that technological noise can help you recalibrate, bringing you back to the joy of mind-clearing running. 

Checking your pace, distance and heart rate every few minutes, you’re focusing more on numbers than your body’s cues.

You’re diminishing one of the best benefits of running: mental peace.

I can’t remember the last time I ran just because. To clear my head. To find peace. If I run, I have an ulterior motive: To stay in shape. To train for my marathon.

My mileage and pace have become so important throughout my training. I take my phone for a GPS. I listen to music for a distraction. The minute I get home from a run, I document it on dailymile. I base the success of a run off my pace per mile. Is this what marathon training does to a person??

My new goal after the marathon: learn how to run without an iPod.


7 thoughts on “Running Without Gadgets…Say Whaa?

  1. I don’t know if there is anything wrong with tracking your runs…I don’t usually run with headphones and when I run I seldom check pace unless I set a goal for that specific run. Suggestion, pick a route beforehand and put your GPS or iPhone on your arm and just forget its there. It’s not necessary to track everything but you can still benefit from the data without having to constantly monitor it on the run.

  2. YES, that’s what training does to a person !! 🙂 Well, I fell into that trap too. I’ve set my Garmin now to only display distance during my long runs, so when I look at it I have no idea how long it’s taken me to get to that mile. So that’s a thought too!
    I like to have music, it’s like adding chocolate syrup to ice cream.. ice cream is good, and so is chocolate syrup, so why not have both? Just like running is good, and so is music, put them together = HAPPY FUN TIMES!!

    • Haha I love your analogy…mostly because I LIVE off ice cream. I like how you don’t pay attention to time, I should try that. Just like I mentioned to Dominick above, sometimes knowing the time helps because I push myself at the end to improve my overall time. I ran with Ellie and a few others last Saturday and we didn’t listen to music. I had my GPS but didn’t pay much attention to it. I think it really helped to run with people because it’s a whole different distraction. We stayed at a nice, steady pace and I felt great the whole time. I guess I just need to run with people!

  3. i agree with your post! its so true, sometimes when we are training, we get so wrapped up about specifics like the pace, and distance that we don’t remember to run for the sake of running! I try and get one run a week where i don’t care about the specifics, and just run. good luck!!!

    • Yes, exactly! I paid more attention to this yesterday during my run and I realized a lot of times, I tune out my music. Sometimes I’m concentrating so much on how my body feels (mostly it hurts) and a song just flies by. I think I could do fine without it…on the shorter runs!

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