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Just Call Me Katniss Everdeen


Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I feel like Katniss Everdeen. No, I didn’t have to play in the Hunger Games and no, I didn’t kill anyone. But both physically and mentally, I feel like I just conquered something awful/horrible/traumatic/pretty darn amazing.

What did I do? I ran an 18 mile run on Saturday.

Before you continue reading, yes, I am a drama queen at times. And yes, I’m being dramatic.

But this was my longest run to date and I feel pretty darn accomplished. And it felt like hell. The first 11 miles went well but then I started to go downhill. When mile 14 rolled around, I hit a wall. I’m getting a bit concerned…something is seriously wrong with my left ankle. I limped through my last 4 miles and do you know what hurt the most? Going downhill. Normally when I see a downhill slope, I hear this. But this weekend, it was more like this.

For all you Hunger Games fans: you know how Katniss feels like death after she is taken from the Arena in the second book? That’s how I felt on Saturday. Maybe it’s because I’m reading book 3 right now, but all I could think about during mile 17 was, “This is how Katniss felt when she was in District 8 during the bombing.”

And when I finished, I kept thinking, “So this is how Katniss felt when she won the Hunger Games. It was a horrible experience with horrible memories, but I just accomplished something big.”

I never appreciated mileage until I started running. 18 miles! EIGHTEEN. Remember when I was tweaking about 15 miles? Psh, that’s nothing.

You’ve just seen the drama queen in Megan Cabalka. Lucky for you, it doesn’t come around too often.


2 thoughts on “Just Call Me Katniss Everdeen

  1. When I read this, I thought this…

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