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Brag Sesh


Alright, I don’t mean to brag (OK maybe I do), but I have a pretty awesome dad. After teaching for 38 years, the famous “Mr. C” is retiring. He was recently chosen as a Top Notch Teacher and the story aired on WISC-TV3 on Monday. Here’s the story:

My dad has impacted many people’s lives over his career as a teacher and coach. Some people see him as a hard-ass (lord knows I have), some see him as a football genius, and some see him as a great kickball player. I’ve always looked at him as all of the above, but more importantly, a phenomenal father.

I couldn’t be more proud of everything he has accomplished throughout his career. So cheers to you, dad!


2 thoughts on “Brag Sesh

  1. Awesome…that’s the career path I want to follow someday…soon hopefully.

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