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Tackling my bucket list, one half marathon at a time.

The Home Stretch


Well, I can officially say I’m tapering!

On Saturday, I tackled the longest run I’ll have to complete before the marathon…20 miles. Say whaaa??

I had a busy weekend, so I had to do my run bright and early Saturday morning. I set my alarm for 4:38, which comes all too early on a weekend morning. I rolled out of bed, popped some pills (don’t worry…just endurolytes and ibuprofen) and chowed down a PB&J.

I was out the door by 5:15. To the right is my first picture, taken at about 5:20. It’s still a tad dark, but this is where I start my runs almost everyday…looking at Blackhawk Country Club. The grounds crew wasn’t even at work yet.

I have to say, it is SO refreshing to run in the morning. There aren’t many people out and if they are, they’re all pleasant! And the best part…very little traffic! The only struggle is the first 5 minutes out of bed. I’m one nasty person that time of day.

I took the first few miles through Shorewood and cut up by my old neighborhood, down Kendall Avenue. Running there makes me depressed because it was the BEST location. Ever.  Then I ran by Camp Randall to the City Bike Trail.

Regent Street

My next picture is proof that there is no traffic this time of day. Regent Street is ALWAYS busy. Ahhh, gotta love it.

From here out on, I don’t remember much. I just remember running. And running. Annnd running some more. I really developed an appreciation for Forrest Gump that day. I even started thinking about how he stopped at a diner for pancakes…is that memory from the movie correct? Well, I envisioned that during my run.

Then, before I knew it…my 20 miles were done! I don’t know why, but I thought this run was easier than both my 16 and 18-mile runs. I even took a post-run picture. You know that saying, “if you still look good at the end of a workout, you didn’t work hard enough”? Well, I definitely worked hard enough, which is why I’m going to spare you by not including the pic.

So I have officially finished the hardest part of the marathon…the training. Yes, I have a few weeks left, but my mileage dramatically decreases. What am I going to blog about when this is all done??

I have one last announcement: I can cross another thing off my bucket list! I finally went to the Mustard Museum! Mustard is my favorite condiment so it was about time.


10 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. congrats on your 20 miler!!! now time to enjoy the taper!

  2. Good luck with the marathon!

  3. Running in the morning is where it’s at…although I hate the waking up part, there is nothing like seeing the sun peak on the horizon and seeing getting your hometown all to yourself and maybe a handful of other people. Congrats on the 20 miles, that’s awesome…almost done.

    • Seriously…waking up is brutal. But once you’re up, it’s nothing. Now that I’ve done a few runs in the morning, running in the afternoon has become the devil. These short runs the next 2 weeks are perfect because I don’t need too much time before I go to work!

      • Its slightly easier for guys since we have a less complex process from shower to out the door but I feel much better running in the morning. Sometimes I run at night but usually those are “fun” runs. Anyway, awesome job all around.

  4. Congrats on the 20 miler! Those are some intimidating miles! Glad it went by like a breeze though! Enjoy your taper, and good luck in the marathon!

  5. congrats on a huge training milestone! that 2 in the front terrifies me, ha. but seriously, morning running is the best thing ever! cant wait to read all about the race 🙂

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