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Reliving My Worst Nightmare


Warning: if you are running the Madison Half or Marathon this Sunday, STOP READING.

What is your WORST nightmare? Mine is heat and humidity on race day. And no, I’m not being overdramatic.

The forecast for the Madison Marathon on Sunday is calling for heat and humidity. I feel your pain runners, I feel your pain. If I wasn’t doing the San Diego Marathon the following weekend, I’d be signed up for the Madison Half on Sunday. Thank GOD I’m not.

Why do I hate the heat and humidity? Because I was cursed with it in 2010. I was all geared up to run my very first half marathon (the same one that’s coming up this weekend). I hadn’t even given the heat a thought until about mile 6 during the race. People were dropping like flies. I was running by people being hosed down on the side of the road by firefighters. It was ungodly hot.

Everyone who lived along the course put sprinklers in the road for the runners. I thought this was the greatest gesture in the world…until I took my shoes off. I had blisters all over my feet and ended up losing two toenails. Gross, I know. But that’s what you get for running in soaking wet shoes.

Post half. Not a happy camper.

Anyway, they closed the course, but I finished my half marathon. May 30th, 2010 goes down in history as one of the top 5 worst days in my life.

If you’re running this weekend and chose to keep reading after my stop sign, the best of luck! I’ll be there cheering you on and taking pictures!


9 thoughts on “Reliving My Worst Nightmare

  1. I don’t want to jinx you but I ran the La Jolla 5k one year (30 minutes north of SD) and it was 90 degrees in April at 8am. Also, the camp Pendleton is the week after your marathon and it is usually about 80 degrees at 8am…thankfully its not that humid and lets hope for overcast weather for your marathon day!

    • Nooo don’t tell me that! I’ve been obsessively looking at SD weather…waiting for the 10 day forecast to finally show June 3rd. Who knows why…they’re always wrong anyway!

      • They are ALWAYS wrong…they told me it was going to be in the low 80’s for the entire month leading up to Coachella…then the Sunday before…the forecast changed to 100+. HA, either way, I am sure you will luck out with great weather!

      • Seriously! Well thanks…I’m hoping so. I just want to get down to Cali!!!!!!!

  2. That was my 1st half marathon too! I was thankful for the people with hoses! Good luck and good weather to you this Sunday in San Diego!

  3. I just ran the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon and it was so hot. It was my first half and, thankfully, I finished before they closed the course. At least my first half-marathon was memorable! Good luck in San Diego!

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