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SD Course Preview and Hot Beats


My marathon course preview was posted today! I have no idea why, but watching this 10 minute fast-forwarded video got me PUMPED.UP. I’ve been so consumed with the fact that I’m running a marathon that I kind of forgot that I’m going to be running in San Diego, California!!

In other news…

I haven’t shared any jams lately, but here are a few things I’ve been listening to on repeat lately:

Weirdest music video ever, but that’s one great jam. If you’re an Of Monsters and Men fan, here is a great playlist that I’ve been listening to at work…all day, every day. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “SD Course Preview and Hot Beats

  1. I am obsessed with Of Monsters and Men too! And thanks for the Devil Winter recommendation… I think I’ve found another song to obsess over 🙂

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