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Happy Best Holiday Ever Week!



I will be in a good mood all week. ALL WEEK. The 4th is my favorite holiday…hands down. Fireworks are my jam. How am I spending the week? On the lake, of course. I have a 2-day work week and then I’m scotch free for 5 days.

Few little tidbits to share:

1. How sad is it that 21% of Americans do not plan to celebrate the Fourth? Un-American grinches. Come on, at least wiggle a sparkler around or something.

2. I start running again tomorrow…Woof. And because Wisconsin is currently choosing to be a sauna, that means I have to wake up and run early in the morning.

3. How about Erin Andrews leaving ESPN for Fox? Well, that’s quite depressing. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Erin a few times for college basketball and football games when I worked for ESPN. She is truly great at what she does and I have no doubt she’ll continue that at Fox.

4. My jam for you today:


4 thoughts on “Happy Best Holiday Ever Week!

  1. Good luck waking up…I start my marathon training this week…blog post coming.

    I like that you brought this song back…I haven’t heard it in a while, awesome! Hopefully I feel this way about “we are young” in a year.

    • I that feeling when you find a great song you haven’t heard in awhile. I may overplay it’s welcome though. Good luck with training! Remember, if you’re ever hating life because training is taking it over, go back and read my posts…you’re bound to feel better about yourself!

  2. The Fourth is my favorite holiday, but maybe those who are not celebrating have misfortune, lost jobs? Also, it lands smack dab in the middle of the week, it makes it tough for some people.
    Funny you should mention waking up early, OMG IT’S 5:00 AM RIGHT NOW, I’m up, for a run. ZZzzzzzz.

    • Yeah true, true. I guess I was lucky enough to take vacation last week. But it’s so depressing to think of not being able to celebrate! Whyy are you up at 5am running?? I wish I had your drive…This weather has me at a running standstill…

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