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I Once Wanted JoePa As My Boyfriend..Or At Least My Grandpa


Isn’t amazing how something minuscule can completely change your mood? My morning started pretty shatty until one little comment from a friend turned it around. Does that happen to you all or am I just a tad bipolar? Hope it’s not the latter.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re as sick of the Penn State/Paterno/Sandoucheky scandal as I am but I’m still going to touch on it. The NCAA released their punishment today:

  • $60 million dollar fine
  • Vacate victories from 1998-2011
  • 4-year post season ban
  • Reduce 20 scholarships per year for 4 years


I don’t always have the best memory but I remember the PSU/OSU game in 2008 so vividly. It was a huge game. Huge. I was almost as excited about this game as I get for an Iowa football game. I was alone in my apartment at 512 S. Dubuque Street. This meant for ONCE, I was able to watch a football game in the living room without my roommates complaining.

Senior year I took a sports writing class…hands down one of my favorite classes in college. Dave Schwartz, my teacher, required we have a blog throughout the semester. My topic? College football, of course. I wrote about this specific moment in my apartment here and here. It’s actually quite hilarious to go back and read my old blog posts.

They played this video before kick off. I remember getting chills watching it. After that moment, I was forever in love with JoePa…or so I thought. I even titled a blog post, “JoePa Will You Be My Boyfriend…Or At Least My Grandpa?


What a 180.

With everything that has unfolded in the past few months, it’s impossible to not look at him with complete disgust. I just wish he was still alive so we could hear him out. But would he tell the truth? Doubt it.

I will never, ever defend JoePa for how he handled the Sandoucheky scandal. But I think the penalties by the NCAA are a smidge unfair. Yes, Penn State should be fined. The money is going toward a fund to help families and victims of child sexual abuse. But current student athletes should not be penalized. Should wins from 14 seasons be taken away? Joe Paterno does not deserve the wins and broken records. But the players do.

Earlier today Evan Royster tweeted, “ah crap… so i lost every college football game i ever played in?”

I just don’t think it’s right.

New subject because I’m bored already. I want to be an Iowa Football season ticket holder. I added this item to my bucket list this morning. I get so giddy when I think about college football. It’s hands-down the best time of the year. There’s no point in even arguing about it.

I’ve started this trend where I share a song with you all at the end of my posts. Well, today is a Bon Iver kind of day. I’m just not feeling the good mood…just plain bummin’. I’m missing my BF at work. Emily, if you’re reading this…..I’m really bitter towards you.

So today, you all get Holocene, my favorite Bon Iver “jam”.


2 thoughts on “I Once Wanted JoePa As My Boyfriend..Or At Least My Grandpa

  1. I just…couldn’t…press…play. The NCAA is learning how to play the PR game on the fly and they seem to be happier over penalizing then feeling the wrath of public opinion if they went too soft, stupid politics. It’s a tragedy that needs to be addressed and I agree that current players should not be penalized but at least they have the option to go to another school. Anyway, I could write a a few pages on my thoughts about this entire story but I will save my breathe.

    • I completely agree. I had so much more to write, I just lost patience. And I figure everyone else and their mother is ranting and raving about this story, it’s not worth it.

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