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Back in the Game


First and foremost, I’d like to wish a very happy 57th birthday to my main squeeze, Kirk Ferentz. This man only looks better with age. I may or may not go to the grocery store and buy a mini cake to celebrate.

Speaking of Coach Ferentz…we’re only 1 month away from college football season! Hallelujah.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…I’m back to training! Yesterday was my first workout of the St. Louis training schedule. Once again, I’m following Hal Higdon but I’m upping it to the intermediate training schedule. Question: has anyone used his training apps? I’m curious if they’re worth trying.

It feels good to be back in training mode. I’ve run a bit here and there since the marathon, but it’s been pretty pathetic. As much as I wish I was still in marathon shape, I needed to take that time off. Now I feel refreshed and I look forward to running after work.

I opened my training program with my friend Mike, who is a big reason I started running in the first place. Mike is a huge marathoner and runner. He runs 22 miles for fun on Saturday mornings. Who does that?

Anyway, 17 weeks ago he was forced to stop running due to an Achilles injury. He wore a boot for about a month, which was removed on Monday! To celebrate running again, Mike joined me for my run yesterday. He’s pictured to the right, pointing at his newly healthy foot.

So this training program involves track workouts every Wednesday. I ran track in high school so you think I’d look forward to those days…not so much. Today I have 5×400’s at 5k pace. How the heck do I time that?? I’m dragging my friend Ross to the track with me this afternoon, so hopefully he’ll have a better idea.

Enough running talk. Enjoy today’s beat:


5 thoughts on “Back in the Game

  1. I use Hal Higdon’s app, I think off your mention through your marathon training? Anyway, the app is good, it tracks mileage via GPS, integrates music controls and even has some voice feedback from Hal during your run…you know, annoying motivational phrases. Overall it is worth the $10 bucks if you are just too lazy to reference the site (free) and want the ability to look at your program on your phone whenever you want, it helps me with planning.

    Love the Alabama Shakes! Welcome back to running…and Mike (above) is nuts…people that run 22 miles for fun are whacky….they are also in whacky good shape…I would look nothing like him if I had to take 17 weeks off!

  2. Welcome back to training! I missed it, what distance are you training for? Another marathon?!!

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