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Recap of the Greatest Concert I’ve Ever Been To


I’m finally recapping the Coldplay concert I went to last Saturday in St. Paul. I’m shocked it took this long since I was raving about it for days to anyone that would listen.

I really don’t have words for the concert besides amazing, so I’ll share videos and pictures I took. All I have to say is: this was the best concert I’ve ever been to. I was high on life.

I traveled the long, grueling drive to Minneapolis to visit 2 of my best friends, Emily (left) and Gretchen (right). Pre-concert dinner and drinks!

Here is our Coldplay Concert Gang. Left to right: Gretchen, Emily, Sean (Emily’s boyfriend), and myself.

When we walked in the doors, we got these sweet wristbands that were programmed to light up with certain songs.

This is what it looked like when everyone’s wristbands were on…seriously amazing.

I’m a dork and took a video of this:

And here comes the confetti!

Gretchen and I were the happiest people in the Excel Center.

One last video during Fix You. Check out how much ENERGY Chris Martin has…love him:

Moral of this blog post: go see Coldplay in concert.


5 thoughts on “Recap of the Greatest Concert I’ve Ever Been To

  1. Very interesting…I just spoke with someone that knows some guy that works for that company about a potential job opportunity, seems pretty cool and the wave of the future. Anyway, glad that Coldplay was so amazing! The stage and set up looks so elaborate, not a bad seat in the house.

  2. I am SO jealous! Glad you had suc an amazing time 🙂

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