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One Day of Ramadan is Enough For a Lifetime


One of my co-workers, Adam Khalifa, celebrates Ramadan every year. For those of you unfamiliar with Ramadan, it’s the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims observe this as a month of fasting (yes, I Wikipediad that). This means from dawn until sunset, they cannot consume food or drink any liquids…for 29 to 30 days!!

Anyway, Adam is closing in on his month of Ramadan. Last week he bet me that I couldn’t do it for one full day. Of course I took that bet. If someone challenges me…I take that challenge.

So yesterday, Thursday, was my day of celebrating Ramadan. I couldn’t drink water or coffee or eat food until 7:58PM. I kept a log of my thoughts…enjoy. Remember, I’m quite dramatic at times.

7:32 The minute I walk in the door Adam comes to check on me. He gives me good news! I can take a swig of water and spit it out, as long as I don’t swallow it.

7:35 This is normally when I go get coffee.

8:41 I get this email from Adam:

“Doesn’t that look tasty???”

10:23 There is a conversation about gyros going on in my side of the building. I want.

11:31 What the heck should I do for lunch? I’m just going to blog and surf Pinterest.

12:05 I can feel myself losing weight.

12:07 Adam just told me he has lost 15 pounds during this month of Ramadan. Maybe I should do this more often?

12:50 I’m getting that tired, 2:30 feeling. Wish I could have some coffee…..

1:01 Just thought about coffee again.

1:54 Just reached for my water bottle. That was a close one.

2:32 I’m really struggling…like REALLY struggling to stay awake.

2:46 Adam keeps coming to my desk to see how I’m holding up. How am I doing? I want punch you in the face.

3:01 If I have a headache, am I allowed to take ibuprofen or is that against the rules like everything else in this religion????

3:12 Another email from Adam:

“Mmm double butter burger with cheese! I can’t wait till 7:58”

3:27 I just realized I’ve only peed once today…ONCE! So unhealthy.

3:47 Went to take a drink from my water bottle, realized I can’t have any and almost chucked it across the room.

4:06 I think the only thing that has gotten me through this day is Bon Iver. So thank you, Justin, for your calming, soothing, wonderful music.

4:14 I’m supposed to run 3 miles tonight……….do I do it?

4:34 Done with work. I just asked Adam if we could cut this day short. It’s a no-go.

4:35 I’m not running…horrible headache.

That’s the last of my log because I went home, napped and watched three episodes of Friday Night Lights. In the end, I survived. I chugged 2 gatorades at 8PM and downed an enchilada in about 2.6 seconds.

I got to work this morning and what’s the first thing I did? Filled up a nice, hot cup of brew. And savored every drop of it.

I give huge kudos to Adam for doing this for a whole month. I could barely do a day!

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy the beat:


5 thoughts on “One Day of Ramadan is Enough For a Lifetime

  1. That Culver’s picture would have just killed me at that time of day. I don’t do well fasting. When I had braces & couldn’t eat solid foods I thought it was bad, but no water? That’s just not for me.

  2. I would fail miserably because I drink water religiously…over 80 ounces a day lately. The lack of food would make me extremely angry as well. Way to try and walk a mile in his shoes, I definitely respect the commitment to Ramadan.

  3. Damn Megan! Way to take on this challenge. Fasting is something I have never done, and I give you and of course your coworker (and everyone else who fasts for Ramaden) major props. I know I could not do it. Great post!

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