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Back in Black On Repeat


Happy College Football Game Week! I’m so giddy. All I feel like doing is watching YouTube videos and reading Adam Rittenberg’s blog.

For any Iowa Football Lovers/Cyclone Haters, this is a hilarious must-read via my Hawkeye-obsessed bud, Dougie Kurt.

I’m fully prepared for Saturday. I have a new hat:Β 

I’ve downloaded the latest ESPN College Football App.

My outfit for Friday’s College Colors Day is picked out.

My tickets for the Iowa/NIU football game at Soldier Field have been purchased.

And I’m rocking out to Back in Black all week.

Now someone please tell me, what is better than College Football? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


5 thoughts on “Back in Black On Repeat

  1. Although I am a Badger fan, I appreciate your enthusiasm πŸ™‚ I do hold a special place in my heart for Iowa, though – two of my best college friends are from Iowa (Hawkeyes fans) and my best friend from high school went to Iowa State.

    • Sometimes I’m a little too enthusiastic about Iowa football, but I can’t help it! πŸ™‚ I do love going to Badger games though so I’m not a completely horrible Badger fan. Are you going to any games this year??

  2. I went to a state college that does not have a football team therefore I don’t get amped up for the season to start like a lot of people but completely understand why people love it.

    Question…what is your thought on people who go to one school but are a die hard fan of another?

    • Well, I’m a bit biased on this question. I’m a huge Iowa football fan (I went to school there, my parents & grandparents did also, and my dad played football for Iowa from ’69-’74 so I grew up on Hawkeye football). But I’m also a die hard Wisconsin basketball fan. One of my childhood friends’ dad coached Badger bball so our basketball team used to go to games pretty often.

      So overall, I have no problem with it…a fan is a fan! Do you have this problem?

      • Not really, I think its odd that my brother is a die hard Notre Dame fan even though he never went to college. I guess that is where he probably wanted to go or where he wants his boy to go? Who knows, maybe I will ask him?

        For College football I don’t mind going to USC games but if they lose it doesn’t destroy me. Same with college basketball, I like to watch UCLA but if they have a mediocre year I am not affected. Pro sports on the other hand…ruh roh…Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, and Bengals…I am way too involved…don’t ask about the latter.

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