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Whose Stupid Idea Was It To Cancel The Office?


Now that I’m back in my running groove, I actually look forward to my runs instead of dreading them. I went for a 10-miler Saturday morning with a few friends and it couldn’t have gone better. I was a tad nervous because I hadn’t run over 5 miles since my marathon in June (whoops).

We met at Brittingham Boathouse at 7:30am and hit the road. I forgot how much distance you cover in those longer runs. I feel like we ran all over tarnation (yes, I just pulled a Carol and said tarnation–Carol is my mother).

I also forgot how peaceful it is to run so early in the morning. The views are great, the other runners are friendly and the weather is perfect.

My favorite view of Madison: the road along John Nolen Dr. I’ve taken this pic one hundred times and it never gets old.

We turned to the Memorial Terrace, which could be my 3rd favorite place in Madison, right behind the Capital Square.

Sailboats outside the Memorial Terrace

We finished our run a little after 9am. Most people are just starting their day and I already had 10 miles under my belt. Ah, what a feeling.

I finished my Saturday, spending it with Badger Nation. There were definitely better things to do (like spend the day tailgating with REAL football fans… Hawkeyes), but that would do. The game was…entertaining to say in the least. I’ll leave it at that.

Camp Randal vs Utah State

Onto more important issues:

Parks and Rec starts Thursday, so I have been frequenting this site lately.

I saw a promo for the final season of The Office tonight. True story: I almost started to cry. I’ve been searching for the 30-second clip, but I can’t find it. But it goes something like this. And yes, I DID cry to that video. I’m a sap. Not afraid to deny it. But really…Office fans, if you haven’t already seen this clip, watch it. Just hilarious. How can this show end? Talk about depressing.

Enjoy today’s beat:


5 thoughts on “Whose Stupid Idea Was It To Cancel The Office?

  1. First, Madison looks lovely…I was a huge fan of the office but I feel like I haven’t been into it for the last two seasons…sad to see it go though. As for Parks and Rec, have you noticed that Pawnee City Hall is actually Pasadena City Hall from my pictures yet? Also, Aziz was in Madison for two shows in May….you blew it.

  2. That’s funny you say that on the caption of your Madison view from John Nolan Drive. I’m the same. Such an awesome view, it never gets old. Glad you’re running happy again!

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