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You Can Find Me In St. Louie


T-minus 7 hours until I hit the road to St. Louis! And t-minus 45 hours until I run the worst half marathon of my career. Well actually, I take that back. Nothing could be worse than the Madison Half in May 2010.

But really, time-wise…I have very low expectations for this race. I ran once this week and did three very short runs last week. The longest run I did was 11 miles, which I did about 3 weeks ago. My foot is still nagging me but I plan on loading up on Ibuprofen and calling it a day.

I’m running this half with my friends Beth, Ross and Katherine. We may or may not be doing a brewery tour on Saturday (race is Sunday) so this could get interesting. Plus if Iowa beats Penn State tomorrow night, there’s no way this girl isn’t celebrating in some fashion.

BUT on the fun-scale, this half will be great! I plan on running with my phone to snap pics and the 4 of us are going to run together…not going for time. I originally planned on running a sub-2 but I have other halves for that.

I’m so excited for this view!

Our post-race plans? We’re going to the Packers/Rams game! I just hope the Pack plays like they did last Sunday.

Well, here goes nothin’. Have a great weekend all and GO HAWKS.

Enjoy the beat. You’ll want to play it on r.e.p.e.a.t.


4 thoughts on “You Can Find Me In St. Louie

  1. Oh this damn R Kelly and Kanye track! I frickin love it but I hate “middle fingers”, seriously, I thinking flipping someone off is the most classless thing someone can do. For a song to say give the middle finger to the world is just the stupidest thing ever! That all being said…damn I love this song, and I flip people off on my runs when it comes on.

    Good luck this weekend and I am glad to hear you are working a run/jog/walk into your busy week of AWESOME activities! It is great that you have friends that enjoy running to share an experience with, the social aspect of running doesn’t extended past the blogosphere for me very often…my friends are not as cool as yours. Take it easy on your foot, you want to be able to drop that sub 2 soon!

    • I know..not the greatest lyrics, but such a good tune!! It’s addicting.
      Thanks for the good luck wishes…I’ll give a recap sometime this week. Yeah, I’m lucky to have friends who enjoy running. I’m happy to say I’ve gotten a few of them into running…now some of them are crazier about it than me!

  2. Coooooool! Have fun! Good luck! Hope the foot holds up for you! Can’t wait to see your post race pics!

    • Thanks Steena. I’ll post a recap this week. Actually kinda funny…at about mile 5 I saw a “find your happy pace” poster and took a picture of it! I’ll post it on my recap.

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