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My Weekend With Nelly & A-Rodg in St. Louie


I finally have a race recap…9 days late! Last Sunday I ran the St. Louis Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon. I like pictures more than words, so that’s how I’ll tell my story (BTW sorry if you follow me on Instagram; I’ve already posted a lot of these pictures there):

My friend Beth is in grad school at SLU. A few months ago we planned a little get together, with a half marathon in the middle of the weekend. Throughout the planning, a few other people jumped on board (Ross and Katherine aka Kitty Kat). Ross and I drove down from Madison on Friday night and Katherine flew in from San Francisco.

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to hit up the race Expo:

Ross, Beth, myself and Kitty Kat

After the Expo, all I wanted to do was visit the Arch. We tried to go up, but there was a 2-hour wait. Someday I WILL go up that thing.

This picture does NOT do this park justice.

The park right near the Arch. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the trees. We were there during the perfect time of year.

I’m in love with this shot.

Of course on game day, we had to rep our football teams. Iowa’s performance that night was incredibly awesome………(insert sarcasm font).

One more cool shot. I took too many pictures in STL.

Then we moved onto a bar to watch the Wisconsin football game. Yes, we tested some local brews. I hear carbonation in beer helps before race day…. Ok really, does WordPress have a sarcasm font because that’d come in handy quite often.

We went home after the Badger game for a quick cat nap before the Iowa game (which wasn’t worth watching). I even got Beth into some Iowa gear.

Check out my sweet headband! Bought that at the Expo and it’s a pretty perfect description of my love/hate relationship with running.

Well, to sum up the game, Iowa got absolutely annihilated by Penn State. I was a complete mess and was the last person anyone wanted to be around. Needless to say, we went home at half time because I was not in the right state of mind to be in public. I’m losing faith real quick with my Hawkeyes. Alright end of that topic. Let’s move onto race day…

View at the start of the race…perfection.

Our running clan pre-race.

Our original plan was to run the half together. Well, when thousands of people are bunched in a small area, it’s hard for 4 people to stick together. Around the .75 mile mark, Ross and I separated from Beth and Kitty Kat.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have tendonitis in my right foot and probably shouldn’t have been running this thing. I felt a little pain for the first 10 minutes or so and then it went away.

I felt great my first 10k. So great, that I left Ross at about mile 5.

BTW, pause! I saw this sign around mile 5 and thought of Steena, a fellow Madison runner and someone I know from the cyber world. Snapped this pic for ya, Steena.

Anyway, at about mile 8, my foot started killing me. I could feel the limp coming on and tried to walk it out a bit, which only made it worse. I hit the 15k mark and stopped for a quick beer with a rando. We all wore “beer run” shirts so when this guy stopped me to have a little beer, how could I say no?

I hit mile 12 and my foot was in so much pain, I had been walking (which was the last thing I wanted to do), and I was lonely, so I stopped at this 2nd beer stop. It was just too inviting.

Best sign of the half– Try not to suck!

Beer stop #2 of the half. Don’t judge, I was hurting.

BTW, if you ever set up a beer stand at a race, mile 12 is perfect placement.

I finished the half in 2:08:27. That’s 8 minutes and 28 seconds slower than I originally wanted to finish, but oh well. I still beat my old PR by 25 seconds! The fact that I pretty much didn’t train and had an injured foot, yet still PR’ed is pretty encouraging. Now I have a huge urge to run another half. Like right now. But all my weekends are booked for the rest of November and living in Wisconsin, race season pretty much shuts down until spring. Schucks.

At the finish line, my cousin who lives in St. Louis was waiting for me! So good to see him.

Post race-pic with Beth and Kitty Kat. We couldn’t find Ross, but he DID finish!

After the run, we rushed home to shower and made our way to the Packer/Rams game. We had awesome seats… (I think this is my new sarcasm font).

Regardless of how high up we were, it was a blast. But I really hate the Dome.

And a cap to a great day? I got to see my future hubby! I shoved my way through a bagillion waiting fans. I can be pretty persistent.

We finished the night at a Packer bar with a 5-hour dance party. That explains why I couldn’t walk the next day.

Overall, it was a great weekend. It was great to see Beth and Kitty Kat and I love touring new cities. I went into my race knowing I wouldn’t go under two hours with a bum foot and minimal training, so the fact that I still PR’ed is a boost. And I’ll tell you what……. I’m going to kick the Madison Half’s ass in May.

Oh, and no…I didn’t meet Nelly. It just sounded fitting in the title.



7 thoughts on “My Weekend With Nelly & A-Rodg in St. Louie

  1. Please adjust the sentence where you comment on how you PR’ed on an injured foot to the following:

    I finished the half in 2:08:27. That’s 8 minutes and 28 seconds slower than I originally wanted to finish BUT I PbR’ed by 25 seconds! The fact that I pretty much didn’t train, had an injured foot, and consumed alcohol on the course makes PbR’ing pretty encouraging.


  2. Wow, a PR with the bum foot! That’s pretty great! Can’t wait to see that thing heal and you squash a spring 13.!
    Wow, that city looks beautiful in the fall! I think I need to gooooooo there!

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