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Beauty is Pain — This Beginning Guitarist Needs Advice


This post actually has nothing to do with beauty, but that phrase keeps coming to mind with tonight’s topic: learning guitar is super hard. And super, super painful.

I bought a guitar back in May and have MAYBE spent an hour (tops) practicing since then. If you are a religious follower of my blog, you know I’m pretty fond of Indie Rock music. Well, my list of songs that I’d love to learn how to play is quickly growing so I figure I should l learn how to actual play this musical instrument before the list gets too extensive.

One of my wonderful friends from college sent me his guitar lesson books and DVD’s about a month ago, which I haven’t touched until tonight:

Wine + Packers + quality time with my geetar

Sunday Night = Wine + Packers + quality time with my geetar

I did the first lesson tonight and let me tell you…the guitar is not going to be easy to master. I was doing great with the basics, but after an hour-long lesson, my fingers are in so much pain it hurts to type this blog post. When you play the guitar, you’re supposed to hold down the strings with your fingertips. Well, my fingertips feel raw. I took a picture of them, but it doesn’t do it justice.

SO, my questions for guitar players:

  1. Do you recommend using a pick? (I’m currently not using one)
  2. Does it get easier?
  3. When will I be as good as Taylor Swift?
  4. Any tips for a beginner?

Enjoy this Sunday tune:


3 thoughts on “Beauty is Pain — This Beginning Guitarist Needs Advice

  1. Guitar is hard! I was a music major in college, and string instruments were the ones I just could not learn! I call myself guitar-ded. hehehe.

  2. Ughh…I have been aching to buy a guitar for mmmm, 9 years…and just keep putting it off. When I live in the mountains I started to learn how to play and enjoyed it but never stuck with it. I used a pick if I remember correctly. No tips, no commentary on if it gets easier…but stick with it and I imagine after about 20 hours of practice you will be juuust fine.

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