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I’m 25 and Still Let My Big Sister Bully Me


It’s race week, folks! Just 6 days until the Arizona Half. I’m pretty stoked about basking in the warm Arizona sun, hanging with the fam and some quality relaxation time. I’m pretty unstoked about the fact that I’m running a half marathon next Sunday but oh well…it’s only 13 miles, right?



I was pretty darn unprepared for my St. Louis Half back in October and I’m even less prepared for this one. The brutal Wisconsin temps have either kept me on the couch or kept my weekly mileage pathetically low. However, the last 2 weeks have been unseason-like and a great chance for me to semi-catch up. I pulled out a 10-miler and 11-miler, which are confidence boosters.

Tayler and II’m doing this race with my sister and her two friends who are flying in from Denver. My sister and I are the definition of a love-hate relationship. We are 5 years apart and are very similar. We have the same mannerisms, handwriting and identical taste in music. A lot of people say we look like twins but I don’t see it. However, Tayler is the most strong-willed person I know. She can be a brat. I’m not saying that as her sister; she knows it’s true.

I’m going to tell two short stories. The moral of these stories is that I absolutely HATE running with Tayler. Side note: Contrary to how this blog post sounds, my sister is one of my best friends.

We did a half in San Francisco together 2 years ago and she kept pressuring me to go faster. I literally stopped dead in my tracks in the middle of the road and started yelling at her to go on without me because she was being a *bia*. So she did. Our fight was over by the time we crossed the finish line.

Sorry for the "proof" pic but I don't have any pics of Tayler and I running together.

Sorry for the “proof” pic but I don’t have any pics of Tayler and I running together.

Then came my first marathon. I ran the entire thing with Tayler, who lives in Denver and trained at altitude (this is my excuse for why she is a better runner than me). Before the marathon, I told her, “Do NOT push me. If you want to go faster, go ahead of me.” She promised me she would. Well, we got to mile 16 and she started to complain about my pace. I told her to go ahead of me. Her response? “Well it’s too late now.” Really? 10 miles to go and it’s too late? Ugh. Poor excuse. She stayed with me and we crossed the finish line of our first marathon holding hands. But since then, she always mentions how much faster she would have finished if she hadn’t run with me.

So basically, my sister is the running devil. This half in Arizona was her idea. Originally, she signed up for the full marathon, which is a main reason I signed up for the half. Well, a few weeks ago, she decided to jump down to the half since the cold temps in Denver were hindering her training. When she sent me a text about her change my only response was, “Well I’m not running with you!”

So next Sunday will be interesting. I’m planning on starting in a different corral than her, but we’ll see…she’s a bully and will call me dramatic.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “I’m 25 and Still Let My Big Sister Bully Me

  1. So dramatic 😉

    • Drama QUEEN! How do you put up with this Tayler? Well, I was going to say something about how you will probably destroy Tayler because she hasn’t been running (or at least posting on DM) but after reading this, I think she will find a way to ruin you. I will say that I haven’t had to remind you to run…unlike someone else… ^

      BTW, I probably should have run this race because then I could have met half the blogging community, one of my other blogger acquaintances is running this race as well. Maybe on the next one, or you guys can shoot for NYC.

      • Haha love it! C’mon Dom….you still have time to enter!

      • First, I don’t want to do to you, what you do to your sister so, NO. Second, I totally would but I have a wedding to go to that for some reason takes 2 days, not too happy about it for multiple reasons. Good luck to you both and enjoy the warm weather (hopefully).

      • Can’t believe I’m JUST now reading this comment. You SHOULD have done was a blast and I loved the course. Considering doing it again next year…

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