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Happy 1 Year Anniversary!


Last Friday was a big deal you guys. It was the 1-year anniversary of my blog. We have a really deep connection and we’ve been through so much together.1 year anniversary

Let’s take a look back at my very first post. Wow. I’ve either become a lot more wordy in the last year or I have a lot more to say. I’ll go with the latter to make my life seem more interesting.

Moving on…

I was on vacation in Arizona last week, which was 100% delightful. The 75 degree weather made it dreadful to come back to 8 degree weather in Wisconsin.

Beautiful AZ

I went to AZ to visit my parents, who are retired and live in Scottsdale during the winter (lucky SOB’s). My sister and two friends flew down from Denver and we had THE best time. We did a lot of lounging, sun bathing, ice cream indulging, shopping, exercising and exploring. I’d have to say this was my favorite trip to Arizona…ever.

Oh yeah…and we all ran a half marathon on Sunday.

Arizona Half Marathon

Me, Danielle, Tayler and Erin

I went into this with VERY minimal training. I wanted to have fun and definitely didn’t expect much. Well, I think I was a tad TOO lax about it because I started hurting by mile 4. I just was NOT into it. At one point I was walking and thought to myself, “you’re not tired, your legs don’t hurt… why the hell are you being such a pansy?”

My conclusion: I am a horrible runner mentally. If I’m not feeling it, I give up. I don’t push myself whatsoever. What is my problem?!

I trucked my way to mile 12 and guess who I ran into…my lovely sister! Tayler is a lot better runner than I am and is always the one pushing me. Well, the roles were reversed this time. When I ran into her she was having trouble breathing. She’s been sick lately and was worried this would happen. And when she has breathing problems, she starts to panic which only makes it worse. I told her to calm down, to concentrate on her breathing and stop freaking out. I stayed with her for half a mile and then ditched her (sorry Tay)…I just wanted to get this thing over with. I ended up finishing 2:07:18…over a minute better than my previous best half (St. Louis).

It’s really encouraging that with such little training I am beating my times, but I’m still not satisfied. And I won’t be satisfied until I go under 2 hours. But I will do it. Eventually.

After the race, we did some more sun bathing and then hit up the town for some celebratory brews…wings…and cake.

Celebratory Brews

Erin, Tayler, Danielle and I

The next morning, we woke up at 6:30 and hiked Pinnacle Peak, which is right down the road from my parents house.Rise and shine in AZHike on Pinnacle PeakMorning HikeSo I’m back home in Wisconsin and have been obsessively researching for half marathons this spring. I’m trying to convince my friends from college to do a half on May 5th back in Iowa City. We’ll see how many I actually get on board.

Madison peeps: do you know of any half marathons in Wisconsin in March??

Enjoy today’s beat, introduced to me by the lovely Danielle Magargee. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the last week:


15 thoughts on “Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

  1. Hahaha…don’t make me laugh…it’s making me cough….and now I’m having breathing problems. HELP. J/k..kind of. Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!!! I thoroughly enjoy receiving that little notification in my inbox that you’ve made a new blog post so here’s to many, many more birthdays.

  2. Your pics from Arizona are so pretty! I loved seeing them on Instagram.
    I don’t know of any half marys in March around here – maybe call Endurance House?

  3. I’m the same as you, if I’m not feeling it, then all hell breaks loose. Great that you were able to help your sister for a bit though!
    You can for sure break 2, you just need to train!
    Happy 1 year anniversary!

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  5. I think you just answered your mental toughness question in the response above to Steena…you need to train harder (or really, more consistently). I think that is where the fire during races comes from…that persistence of sticking with a usually grueling program where you focus on the race to see how strong you are is huge in not giving up (at least for me). I know you will do it on your next one.

    As for the blog…shnikes…an entire year, we are blogging twins! Congrats on the half, one year of blogging and having above average musical taste!

    • You’re right. Part of my mental block is knowing that I didn’t train so I think to myself, “this is supposed to be hard…I’m not prepared.” Even though, realistically, my body can definitely handle it.
      Don’t you just love blogging now? I sure do. Glad I jumped on board a year ago. And glad we found each other’s blogs so we can share each other’s misery, stories and music. Oh and thanks for the compliment. (I’m taking “above average musical taste” as a big compliment).

  6. That was such an acca amaaaaazing weekend! I keep thinking of us basking in the sun relaxing in your backyard. I loved every minute of it. Now will you please move to denver? I need a roomate that is pretty much like my sister so I think this can work. You can talk to me like I’m taylor and tell me to clean my crap up and ill talk to you like erin and ask u to borrow that really NEAT top! Deal?!

    • I think about being back there If only…
      About Denver–I KNOW. I need to get out there Stat. We’d be the best roomies. My only concern is that our PP obsession might get a little out of hand…
      I need to plan a trip out ASAP. We have so many activities planned out there!!

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