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Paleo: Day One


I’m officially on the Paleo bandwagon. A few weeks ago I blogged about wanting to try it …so wahlah, I’m doin’ it. And my roommate is joining me! Today is day one. But we’re starting out slow and just doing it Monday through Friday.

My first ever cup of black coffee

My biggest fear? Drinking black coffee. I’m the queen of cream and sugar. Of course there are alternatives to cream, but I was too lazy to go to the grocery store yesterday and that’s my own fault. And of course I can’t go without my coffee. So I manned up and drank it black this morning…not too shabby!

Lunch: I made egg cupcakes over the weekend and I had these for leftovers.

Dinner: Taco veggie lettuce cups. FYI these do NOT say in the cups. So I turned it into taco salad.

Almond flour breaks the bank

And boom. Just like that day one is in the books.

But this will not be easy. I’m realizing I have to plan my meals ahead of time. And I’ll have to make more frequent trips to the grocery store. And I have to give up my love for condiments. Ketchup is seriously my jam. Oh…and did you know a small package of almond flour is TEN DOLLARS? $10! What?! That’s just cray. I’m going to have to order this in bulk from Amazon.

My next struggle: It’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow and we’re going to a pizzeria for dinner and dessert. What am I supposed to eat at a pizzeria? And how do I say no to cake? Oh man.

Changing directions. Tomorrow is day one of my next half marathon training. I convinced a few of my best friends from college to do a half in Iowa City (our college town) on May 5th. They are all half marathon virgins (except Kristin ran the Chicago Marathon in ’09) so this is going to be F-U-N!

Out of our group of 9 girls, I convinced 4 others to run the Iowa City Half with me! Left to right: Me, Gretchen, Kristin, Torri, and Nicole

Out of our group of 9 girlfriends in college, I convinced 5 others to run the Iowa City Half with me! Left to right: Me, Gretchen, Kristin, Torri, and Nicole

The above picture is missing the 6th runner, Miss Hi-May (Jamie) Wager Petersen. She'll kill me for using this pic.

The above picture is missing the 6th runner, Hi-May (Jamie). She’ll kill me for using this pic.

And lastly …In honor of Alabama Shakes getting rigged of the Best New Artist Grammy last night, enjoy:


8 thoughts on “Paleo: Day One

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Paleo since my boyfriend started reading The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf, but I think it would be too hard for me, so I commend you! 🙂 I also think that these look yummy… kinda makes me think I can do it.

    • You should start off with a small goal and try it in doses! But not going to lie, it was difficult yesterday…going out to eat is a struggle! Thanks for sharing that website…that first recipe with the shrimp looks ahhhmazing.

  2. This has a double meaning. Hope you understand.

  3. Black coffee is ok, but try switching to Americano’s, a little more tasty. The rest of the stuff sounds awful but I am interested to see how this experiment goes.

    It is pretty awesome that you tricked some people into running a half with you…my “friends” would never fall for it. How many are there? 6 total? That will definitely be fun.

    As for the Alabama Shakes, their album is amazing and as to how they have not made it onto SSC before, the world will never know.

    • I’m on day 3 of drinking black coffee. Yesterday was brutal; it tasted like I was drinking tar. Today: not so bad!

      Yep there are 6 of us running the half. I got a text from one friend last night asking if this gets easier…this is going to be so fun 🙂 Next mission: get them to do a full marathon!

      • You should send them questions every week about training and share their answers on the blog. That would be awesome to get 6 perspectives on training. You’re nuts on the full marathon part…one and done for me!

  4. We have an email chain going and I have plenty of content for my next blog post. Not sure if I’ll ever do another marathon…….every time I think back on the experience I think, “one is definitely enough.”

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