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I’ve Got Puppy Fever


For the last year, I have been dying to get a dog. If you follow me on Pinterest, I’m constantly repinning pictures of adorable creatures like this:



Viszla puppy

Goberian Golden Retriever-Siberian Husky Mix

I can keep going…..but I won’t. Because I’m probably making you want a puppy too. And to make matters worse, my friend Emily is a crazy dog person and only encourages getting a puppy. At LEAST once a week she sends me dirty texts like these:

Text from EmilySo I’ve been going crazy. I really want a dog. I even have names picked out.

That is until this weekend. I’m currently dog sitting for my boss’ dog while he and his family are in Mexico. I started this Saturday and have the pup until the 27th. Let’s just say taking care of a dog on your own is DIFFICULT. I drove to Milwaukee on Saturday to run the Lucky Leprechaun 7k with a few friends and had to cut my St. Patty’s day celebrating short so I could get back to the dog. I even had to bail on a wedding shower because I couldn’t make the 8-hour round trip drive to Peoria because the little thing has to tinkle every 8 hours.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m not the most sedentary person around. I’m always on the go. I’m lucky if I have one night a week without something to do. And dog sitting for the next 10 days will not be fun with this lifestyle.

So what is this teaching me? That I’m definitely not ready for a dog…yet. What a buzz kill that is.

UGH just look at this face.

Beagle numero 2

Womp Womp.

I’m slightly obsessed with Ed Sheeran lately so enjoy a beat by the lovely Brit:


10 thoughts on “I’ve Got Puppy Fever

  1. I’m a dog owner, but I feel like we get out as much as we want to. You just need to have friends who are willing to come & let your dog out if you’re going to be gone for the day/weekend. I have friends who welcome my dog if I drop by for the weekend too, which also helps. Being a dog owner doesn’t have to squash your social life.

    • I know…I think it’s just more difficult dog sitting because they live way out of town. I normally go home for lunch so that’d be easy if I had a dog. But right now, I literally have to race home after work to let the dog out. Then if I have plans at night, I have to go back in town. Ah living the rural life.

  2. I agree with Steena – you definitely have to think ahead and have good friends (ideally friends who also have dogs). You can also get a dog who is low maintenance and doesn’t require hour long walks every morning and night. Lastly, find a good doggy daycare by you. Most are about $20/day and do overnight boarding. Can you tell I think having a dog (or two) is worth it? 🙂

    • Haha I’m with ya. My parents live in town…but only half the year. I guess I could take advantage of them while they’re here 🙂 $20/day is cheap for a doggy daycare!

  3. Emily is right… you should get a puppy! But timing is everything. I first got a puppy when I was around your age and found out quickly it was not the right timing. Thankfully, the breeder let me return the pup. But now I have 2 dogs and they are amazing! Definitely a shift in schedule/priorities, but I’ve found that on nights I used to go out (or want to go out), I now prefer hanging out with the dogs because they’re fun. So once you settle down some, you’ll probably be a dog owner very soon after! Oh, and yes for getting beagles!!

    • Do you have a beagle?? I absolutely love them! You’re right. I would just need to shift priorities. And I think they’re totally worth it.

      • Heck yes I do!! She’s 3 now, still cute as ever, but I really don’t think there’s any cuter puppy than a beagle pup. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a dog that likes to play but also is very lobable and snuggly. And actually, not to push you in any certain direction, but the spring/summer is the best time to get a puppy! 🙂 I’ll try to post a video of my beagle, just because she’s awesome!

      • Haha, she’s yours?? So awesome. Every pic I see of a beagle pup makes my heart melt. It’s down to either a Beagle or a Goldendoodle. Is yours a yelper?

      • Funny you should ask, I have a post about that coming up very soon! But yes, she is a yelper. I think all beagles are. I’ve heard it’s the reason people don’t get beagles, or some don’t mind it and get a beagle anyway. Oddly, their bark does seem to be a deciding point on whether to get one or not. But from growing up with a beagle, I fell in love with their howl, so I wouldn’t have it any other way! Although with my second dog I do have it another way, which is still acceptable. She’s got a normal dog bark. And actually beagles have a normal bark also, but it’s when they see or smell a rabbit that everything changes. So they aren’t howling all the time. Only when it’s rabbit time. And yes, the one if the video is mine, she’s awesome! I don’t know much about Goldendoodles except that they don’t cause allergies, I don’t think they shed, and they are bigger than beagles by 30 or 40 pounds. I’ve heard good things about them and they are popular right now! How soon are you going to decide?? Sounds like it’s soon!

  4. Also, the Ed Sheeran video you posted is funny, too, haven’t seen that before.

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