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A Kick in the Butt


After my most recent blog post about skimping on marathon training, I got tortured by my friend Dom on DailyMile. I asked for motivation (a kick in the ass) and he gave it to me. If you’re familiar with DailyMile, you know that people can send you “good job,” “get better,” “great performance” notes. Here were his (8 “motivations” in a matter of 5 minutes):

DailyMile motivation from Dom

Just hilarious (sarcastic tone, but I really did find this comical).

SO, I’m dedicating all my mid-week training runs to him this week. And I know if I DON’T complete every mid-week run, his sarcastic little voice will be singing in my ear and hanging over my head. Why thank you, Dom. Thank you. Stay tuned for an update.

On the music front…Just do yourself a favor and listen. What a gem.


2 thoughts on “A Kick in the Butt

  1. BOOOOOOO! You can’t even read all my “motivations” in this screenshot…

    The 1975, so hot right now. They remind me of so many bands, Phoenix, Grouplove etc…very catchy tune.

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