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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


One word is getting me through this week: Football.

Yes everyone, get excited. College football starts on Saturday (technically Thursday). If you know me, you know almost nothing gets me more giddy than college football. To me… it’s fireworks, the 4th of July, Christmas, chocolate and all wonderful things rolled up in one fantastic bundle. And right now, there is nothing to complain about. Iowa currently has a perfect season (that won’t last long), the weather isn’t frigid yet, and the leaves still have yet to fall. OMG I’m so happy.

I’m kicking off the season by going to the Badger football game on Saturday. No, it’s not an Iowa game, but I’ll settle. Camp Randall isn’t too shabby on a Saturday morning. But you can bet I’ll be repping black and gold somehow.

How else am I celebrating football season? By joining my first fantasy league this year! Yesterday was draft day and it was so much fun. Why have I never done this before?

Fantasy Football Draft

Apparently my team is very “injury prone”, but I don’t cuuuurrr because I have Aaron Rodgers! And Gronk! The only thing that broke my heart? The chick before me in league snagged Eric Decker. Playing dirty I see. My team name? Gronk If You Love the Packers.

Gronk if you love the Packers

This weekend was just full of good things. I FINALLY broke out of my running funk. I ran 14 miles with my friends Ryan and Krista Saturday morning and it felt oh, so good. I didn’t love the first 3 miles, but what else is new? I cruised through the rest of the miles with ease and I ended with optimistic thoughts and a mood that skyrocketed. But that’s now in the past and I have a whole other dreadful week ahead of me. I have 15 on the schedule this Saturday…before the Badger game.

Of course, I can’t end a blog post without a picture of my adorable niece. Yesterday I took Mila’s 2-month pics and this little cutie just gets me every time. I’m obsessed!

Mila Moo at 2 Months


4 thoughts on “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. First off Mila is DAMN CUTE. Second, congrats on your awesome run. Third, a little known fact, my blog was originally done on Blogspot and focused on fantasy football and beer…running seemed like a better direction…let me know if I should do a FF assistance post every week? If you have to start a TE every week you will be ok but you need one until Gronk gets back. How many WR’s do you start and is it PPR (points per rec)?

    • Isn’t she the CUTEST?! YES, I need your help…who should I drop and should I pick up Zach Sudfeld? Or Brandon Pettigrew? We start 3 WR and it’s 1/2 PPR.

      • Zach Sudfield. Gronkowski is coming back quicker than expected but the word on the street is Sudfield can play and he will play a ton until Gronk gets back. After that if his production declines then pick up Pettigrew if he’s still available.

  2. Mila is growing way too fast. I need to see her STAT. You should be our pace setter in the Denver half. With all this marathon training the half will be a cinch!

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