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Running at Sea Level is For Sissies


If I didn’t have fun plans over the next few weekends, I would be incredibly depressed. I got home from Denver yesterday and as always, I hated to leave.

Iowa boys

Some of my favorite Iowans

We didn’t do everything on the agenda due to weather, but it was still a blast. My trip was filled with friends, upon friends, upon friends. High school friends, college friends, old friends, new friends. I won’t bore you with weekend details but I will bore you with running details.

I had the day to myself on Thursday because apparently people work during the week. I met my friend Danielle for 5.5 miles around Wash Park (g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s). The run wasn’t the best as I was DEFINITELY feeling the altitude in my lungs. But I couldn’t have asked for better scenery or company.

We were supposed to hike the Manitou Incline on Friday in Colorado springs but we woke up to….SNOW. Erroneous.Snow yuck

So we ditched the hike and went shopping instead. I was disappointed we couldn’t do the incline because a) I was looking forward to the gorgeous scenery and b) I thought it’d help get me more acclimated to the altitude. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Saturday was spent cheering on the Hawkeyes, freaking out about the Hawkeyes and being depressed over the Hawkeyes. After the heartbreaking loss (however, we played great), it was time to prepare for our run on Sunday morning. Danielle, Erin, Tayler and I spent the night eating, drinking wine, drinking beer, eating, watching YouTube videos, singing, and eating some more. We know how to fuel our bodies for runs.

Preparing for the 20

Pre half marathon shotSunday morning we were up and at ’em early. At 6:45am, the four of us were out the door running the 2 miles to the start of the Denver Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon. Dressed in Packer gear. We started the half together, not having goal times…just wanting to get through the full 20 miles. We hit mile 5 (after a biotch of a hill) and I felt great. We zig-zagged through City Park (where we saw Emily about 6 times…Best Spectator Ever Award), 17th Street, Cheesman Park and all over downtown. We hit mile 11 and I still felt great. Cheesman Park wasn’t necessarily the easiest thing in the world, but luckily I had Erin and Danielle next to me singing, dancing and encouraging me. They are honestly the greatest. We hit about 12.5 and sprinted it in. Our Garmin’s clocked 13.4 miles….slightly annoying. Final time: 2:04:12.

10th Half Marathon!

10th Half Marathon!

I had so much fun during this half. Well, as much fun as you can have running 13 miles. I was really worried about the altitude hitting me, but it never did during the 20 miles. My favorite spectator sign on the course?

“Running at sea level is for sissies.”

I loved every second of running with D and Erin. They know how to motivate you when you’re struggling and they KNOW running. Erin kept telling me to relax my shoulders; D was telling me to move my arms with other runners and that my legs would follow; both were telling me to pick people off. Ugh, I wish I had them there for every race!

But the fun wasn’t over following the half. We still had 4.6 miles to run. D stayed back to wait for Tayler to finish and Erin and I headed out to complete my 20 mile training run. In the first .5 miles I thought I was going to die. We took it niiiice and slow. Not too many details about this run, except that it was brutal. But we finished our 20 mile run in 3 hours, 11 minutes, 17 seconds. That was a pretty big motivational boost.

Sunday afternoon was spent drinking beers over the Packer game with more lovely friends who live in Colorado. I’m ready to go back already.

Packer game crew


6 thoughts on “Running at Sea Level is For Sissies

  1. I had such a great time Chica!!!! And thanks for keeping ME motivated during that long run! I almost peaced out but after you said we were already 9 miles into the race (11 on our own) I was like okay nevermind let’s finish! Congrats and yeah bush league that it was over 13.1! One thing I learned: always wear a packer jersey while running a race

  2. Looks like an awesome weekend! Especially the snow on the ground which leads me to believe it was very cold on race day. Great job on getting in the full 20 miles and great pace for a training run, that has to give you confidence going into your taper. Amazing that you were able to find someone to casually run 20 MILES with…what the heck, your friend is a beast, hopefully she is training for something as well and doesnt just run 20 miles for fun.

  3. It’s so hard to finish the miles after a race! I always do mine before or I won’t get them done. WooHoo, you DID IT! You’re all trained up! Ready for 26.2! Yay!

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