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You Can Write Positive Reviews Too, Ya Know

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I rarely (slash never) preach marketing stuff, but I’m going to today.

I was recently at a bar in Denver watching the Packer game. Our waitress was a pain the butt. She took forever to get our bill, had a bad attitude and pissed our entire party of 15 people off. One person in our group, while waiting 40 minutes for the bill, got on Yelp right then and there to write a negative review. As I shared in her frustration, I also cringed.

I’m the Marketing Director for a company in Madison and absolutely LOVE getting positive feedback from customers about any of our employees. In fact, I have a folder in my Outlook labeled “Happy Emails” to visit whenever I’m in need of happies. I find the greatest joys in the smallest of things. One being when customers write a positive review on our Google Page.

So why did I cringe when my friend wrote a negative review on Yelp? Because when you’re in the heat of the moment, people tend to say/write nasty things. And a lot of times it’s blown out of proportion. Social media is such a wonderful, wonderful thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But it’s also the devil. People rush to Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google+, Foursquare, etc., etc., etc., to bitch about experiences, service, people, anything. I read it all the time on Twitter. I admit, I’ve done it. But most of the time I hold back because I know that nice, little Blondie on the computer behind that Twitter handle will read the mean tweet and it will punch her in the gut even though she wasn’t responsible for the negative experience.

And I’m rambling. The point I wanted to make is that so many people go to social media to complain. I wanted to remind consumers that they can also share positive experiences!

google review

So I challenge you. Think of a business who recently went above and beyond your expectations to get something done for you. A customer service rep who may have taken a beating the call prior, but still had a great attitude with you. A waitress who sticks in your memory because of her great personality. Go to that business’s Google+ page and write a positive review. It’ll take 2 minutes. And it’ll boost the mood of the Blondie who manages that Google+ page for about 5 hours. 


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