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Social Media and Running

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I belong to a group called Social Media Breakfast Madison (#smbmad). It’s where a bunch of awesome (and nerdy) social media people get together once a month and talk about…social media. Over the years it has grown A TON. When I started attending in 2010, there were only about 20 regular attendees. Now, each month there are about 200-250 attendees.

Anyway, our January speaker was supposed to be from Yumbutter, however, they got caught in Guatemala due to travel issues. SO, a few social media “experts” were asked to speak on a panel last minute, myself included. Yesterday morning I got to wake up, eat donuts, drink coffee, and sit in the front of the room talking about one of my favorite topics: social media. Here is a picture of our wonderful panel:

Photo cred: Paint Creek Photography

Photo cred: Paint Creek Photography

It was fun ‘ol stuff. I got to sit next to my sidekick Krista, talk AND learn about social media and people-watch for an hour. Muha, creepy. If you’re ever so inclined, here’s a quick overview of the event.  

I talk a lot

I talk a lot

Next to Krittabug

Morning view

Onto other things: running. Yes, I’m stilling doing it. But minimally. I get out when Krista (same one as above) texts me after work and asks me to go with her. But it’s getting increasingly hard to find motivation to get out and run in 10 degree weather. I don’t like selfies and I refuse to post pictures like this anywhere but on my blog, however, here is a picture I sent to my sister last night (thanks again for the gloves and neck gaiter!) before my run. This is how I have to dress EVERY TIME I go for a run lately. Not fun.

Running in a tundra

I seriously need to move south. Florida calls my name daily. But thankfully, I’m off to Arizona three weeks from yesterday for a 5-day vacation with the family.

Finally, here is your heartwarming story of the day. It’s a must-read, even if you don’t like the Seahawks.


One thought on “Social Media and Running

  1. Arizooooona!! Take me there already! Oh, and you’re welcome but I want to see pictures of you using the mittens…while snowboarding!

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