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To Run or Not To Run


I’m back to blog after another long hiatus. And I’m back to talk things out. I’ve recently had an itch to run another marathon. 4 months from now I’ll hate myself and I’ll hate running. But for now, I want to run. My wedding is next August so I keep thinking I should sign up for something to get myself motivated and in shape. What better time to run another marathon, right? Well, maybe. The problem? I’d be training in the dead of winter….a Wisconsin winter. There is nothing worse than that. The other problem? There are no marathons in the Madison area in the spring which means I’d have to travel. No, it’s not the end of the world but I sure do love sleeping in my own bed the night before a race.

My two options right now are the Oshkosh Marathon on April 19th or the Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha on May 2nd. If anyone has other ideas, I’m all ears.

As I hem and haw over this idea, I keep asking myself, “why not just run another half.” Because I just want to do another marathon and I really don’t have a good reason why. We shall see. I have 2 months to decide.

Marathon Sign



5 thoughts on “To Run or Not To Run

  1. Ahem…Los Angeles is in March…so if you’re going to travel…

    • I would love to! But I’m short on moola and vacation time because of the wedding next year. And I’m taking a trip to San Diego in June for a college friend’s wedding. Maybe the LA Marathon 2016 should get on my calendar….

  2. I’ve done WI 26.2 a couple of times, I’d vote for that one. It’s been around for longer than the Oshkosh one has, plus you’ll probably know at least a couple of other people doing it. I understand your hesitation with training through winter, it’s tough! After last winter I promised myself I’d never train for a spring marathon again!

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