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Tackling my bucket list, one half marathon at a time.

Stranger in Need of Motivation


It’s been more than a year since the last time I blogged which means we’re pretty much strangers. I’m like that friend who pops in and out of your life when she needs something. Well, here I am, in need of something. At least I’m not afraid to admit this is a one-way street.

Running has been on the backburner for most of 2015. And I don’t like it so I want to do something about it. However, I’m picking the least optimal time of year to get back on the bandwagon since it’s dark when I get to work and dark by the time I leave. But I want to get back to my 2013 self that ran 8 half marathons and a full in one calendar year. Where is that person?!

So here is your stranger – desperate for motivation, encouragement, a kick in the butt, etc. That’s assuming my followers haven’t neglected me like I have them. Maybe I had a sliver of hope that blogging would give me a renewed burst of running energy…TBD. I’ll blog again soon with an update. Or will I?




2 thoughts on “Stranger in Need of Motivation

  1. Hey Stranger! Welcome back, hopefully. Register for something! No better motivation than that, right?

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