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Three Awesome Things

I have 3 awesome things to share.

First, this. It’s a great read about women’s confidence in the workplace. I hold a managerial role at my office and I am lucky enough to have wonderful support from my 4 principals, 3 of which are men. One of my male bosses sent this to me yesterday and I finally got a chance to read it. Moral: HAVE.CONFIDENCE. I’m learning that everyday.

In studies, men overestimate their abilities and performance, and women underestimate both. Their performances do not differ in quality.”

Second, this quote. Beautiful.

Just you wait


Third, a song from Coldplay’s album Ghost Stories, which is released on May 19th.



An Overdue Walk In My Kicks

It has been 1 month exactly since I last blogged. I deeply apologize for inhibiting you all from reading about my incredibly interesting life. But to be honest, I think I’m doing you a solid. There’s not much new here, I just feel obligated to write since it’s been so long. And because Emily is harassing me about it.

But what IS new? Well…

I’m training again! Thank god. I’ve amped it up to Hal Higdon’s Intermediate training schedule, which means I’ve added a day of running and track workouts. The best part of this round of training? The BF is doing it too! Bennet is an oober athlete. I’m not kidding…he’s done Ironman twice. But he hasn’t always been overly fond of running. So after much convincing, he signed up for the Madison Half Marathon with me! Even though we’re not training together (let’s be real, he’s a lot faster than I am), it’s still fun to plan our runs around the same time and talk about our struggles/accomplishments.

My niece. She’s still cute as ever. Proof:

My SIL took Mila's 10 month pictures yesterday. I can't handle how awesome she is.

My SIL took Mila’s 10 month pictures yesterday. I can’t handle how awesome she is.

But seriously? How adorable.

But seriously? How adorable.

Guys, this is sad, but I can’t think of anything else. My world revolves around work, running, obsessively watching HGTV and Mindy Project, mini traveling vacations on the weekends and just trying to stay sane. Which can be hard to do.

will share a quote my mom sent me not too long ago. It resonated a bit more than other quotes do. And yes, I printed this out and posted in my office, in hopes that it would resonate with others as well. Cough, cough.

I leave you with a lovely beat by one of the greatest bands on the planet.

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Healthy Habits to Live By

I haven’t posted in ages so I think my first post back should be short and sweet. I saw this on Pinterest the other day and I kind of love it. However, it can apply to both men and women. Enjoy. I’ll be back to post again some day.50 healthy habits

Photo cred goes to this person.

Oh and one more thing. My sister introduced me to Gregory Alan Isakov last week and I thought I’d share the wealth.


Itching For Taper

5.5 weeks left of training. That’s nothing, right? Wrong. All my running friends (but one) are tapering right now. And I’ve never been more jealous of anything in my entire life.

All I have in my way are a few 8 & 5 mid-week runs. Oh…and a 19-miler tomorrow and a 20-miler in a few weeks. I’m trying to be positive about my training and I’ve actually felt really good lately. I haven’t been pushing myself speed-wise because, to be honest, all I want in this marathon is to feel good about it. Oh, and to PR, but I’m pretty sure I can do that. Hopefully I’m not being cocky.

But more than anything, I’m trying to make this experience fun. Last weekend I did the Brewers Half Marathon with a bunch of friends. I ran the entire thing with Mel and Jen and we put ZERO pressure on ourselves. We ran at a really comfortable pace and didn’t worry about breaking 2 hours. I didn’t feel the greatest…I guess I just never got in my groove. But we still had fun with it, of course.

Mel, myself, Jen before and after

Mel, myself and Jen before and after the half.

Jlo and I in Miller Valley

Mel snatched this of Jen and I during Miller Valley. Loved this part of the race.

Running through Miller Park

At mile 12.5ish we ran through Miller Park. This was my favorite thing I’ve done in a half to date. So cool!

Schultz's first half

This was my friend Schultz’s first half marathon! Love when people get into running.


This was also Naters first half…he ran it in 1:39. Stud.

Krista PRed

My girl Krista PR’ed with a 1:44. Holy mac.

Runing brings friends together

Old friends coming together through running. Love it.

Another medal to the pile!

Add another medal to the pile!

So onward I push. 19 miles after work tomorrow (yuck) but then I have 2 weeks till my 20 miler, which I’m doing in Denver. Yippee!

In other news: this is a must-read. Love, love, love. 

Enjoy the beat.


Running 17 Miles Hurts But 18 Is a Cinch

A successful 18-mile run calls for a blog post. After all, that’s what I’m supposed to write about, isn’t it?

My 17-miler in Minneapolis last Friday (week and a half ago) didn’t go so well. I was in vacation mode and wasn’t in the mood to get up and run 17 miles. But then again, who ever has an itch to run 17 miles? Maybe Dean Karnazes, but that’s it. Don’t lie to me and tell me you do. Anyway, my route was gorgeous…ran around the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes (Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles). But even with the gorgeous scenery, I hated almost every minute of it. I think it’s because I did it alone. In addition to running 17 miles, WHO in their right mind wants to do that alone? Definitely not me.

So this weekend, I finally had 2 days of peace and quiet in Madison. No plans. Zip. Zero. Zilch. This girl isn’t familiar with that concept lately. And I was able to reconnect with my running buds! We met bright and early Saturday morning: half of us with 18 miles on the schedule and half with 20 miles. I won’t bore you with details, but it went great. And even better…I had energy left at mile 18 and kicked out an 8:55 mile. Who am I?

Half-way into it, we ran into a fellow runner who is pacing the Chicago Marathon in a couple weeks. Her name is Kay. Kay has done…take a deep breath…101 marathons. And has done one in every state. How incredible is that? My mind was blown. Just thought you should know there are THAT ridiculous of people out there.

I’m heading into week 11 with confidence. I’m definitely nearing the burnt out stage of training, but I only have 8 weeks left. That seems like a lot of time, but it will be gone in the blink of an eye. This weekend is my first half marathon (Brewers Half Marathon) since June and I’m super excited. Quite a few of my friends are running it as well and we’re making a weekend out of it in Milwaukee. Plus, I absolutely love kick-back weeks.

Lastly…guess what! A friend of mine from college is on this season of The Voice! His name is Michael Lynch, so look out for him in auditions next week (if you watch the show). Here’s one of his videos from a couple years ago, but still SO good.


And in honor of the season premiere last night, here is my beat of the day. Caroline Pennell quickly became my favorite.


Funkalicious Def

This broad is in a funk (please note: when I use the term “broad,” it is not derogatory).

Anyway, I’m down on running. It’s hard. It’s not fun. It’s a pain in my a$$. It takes too much time. It hurts and I don’t wanna do it. Yes, I’m complaining, pouting, being a baby, all of the above. But I just want the hurts to go away. Why did I sign up for another marathon again?

It’s so frustrating because last week was so great. It was the first time in my training schedule (yeah…don’t judge…only took me to week 5) to finally complete every run on that week’s schedule. And I even did an extra 5k on Sunday!

Thankfully, summer is starting to wind down and I’ll be a little less busy during the week. But this week, I only got ONE of THREE mid-week runs in. I went out for a 6-miler on Wednesday and it was awful. I don’t know what my problem was…I’m not sure if I went out too fast, if I was just tired from the workday, who knows. But at mile 4 I had no energy. So I popped a squat and sat on a bench for about 10 minutes to sit and think about how much I hate this sport. And then I Instagrammed this pic:

Pouting mid-run

THURSDAY: I set my alarm to wake up and run 3 measly miles before work. Did I do it? Nope. My need/want for more sleep always wins in the end.

HOWEVER, I did wake up bright and early this morning (Friday) for a run. A coworker of mine (Ryan) is training for the Chicago Marathon and had 17 miles on the schedule this weekend. We both have busy weekends, so we planned to run together before work. Luckily, I only had 9 miles on my schedule. Ryan was out the door at 4:26 a.m. and met me at my apartment at 5:30 when he hit mile 7. We ran the next 9 together and then he booked it home for his last mile. And wabam. We ran all those miles before work. But yuck. We were both hurting. Every 5 minutes one of us would complain about a body part hurting…or how much this sucked…or how crazy we are. It’s just not fun!!!

Oh well. I’m putting running in the back of my mind for the next 3 days.  I’m off to Chicago for some Lake Michigan boating and bachelorette party shenanigans for the lovely Caitlin Capitanini. This weekend is my first reunion since May with my Iowa lovelies! Let me tell you…going 3 months without seeing my BFF’s is brutal.

Sorry for the negativity…I just needed to get that out. I’ll be more optimistic next week. Hopefully.

For now…enjoy this awesome beat.


A Kick in the Butt

After my most recent blog post about skimping on marathon training, I got tortured by my friend Dom on DailyMile. I asked for motivation (a kick in the ass) and he gave it to me. If you’re familiar with DailyMile, you know that people can send you “good job,” “get better,” “great performance” notes. Here were his (8 “motivations” in a matter of 5 minutes):

DailyMile motivation from Dom

Just hilarious (sarcastic tone, but I really did find this comical).

SO, I’m dedicating all my mid-week training runs to him this week. And I know if I DON’T complete every mid-week run, his sarcastic little voice will be singing in my ear and hanging over my head. Why thank you, Dom. Thank you. Stay tuned for an update.

On the music front…Just do yourself a favor and listen. What a gem.