In Her Shoes

Tackling my bucket list, one half marathon at a time.


Negative One Year

Look at me…posting again already! Maybe my blog itch has returned? I couldn’t help but blog because I have so many important things to share.

First of all, I bought a bike! I am so stoked. I took it out for my first ride last night and I’m in love. I am most excited to do something active other than running and this is a hobby that Bennet and I can do together (he runs too fast for me). I got the bike at the Trek store and let me just say, the guys there are saints. They know everything there is to know about bikes, which is exactly what I needed as I know nothing.

My Trek beauty

Second important thing: I’m running my 2nd half of 2014 tomorrow and I’m not a bit mentally prepared. It haven’t even thought about the fact that I’m running a race tomorrow but maybe that’s a good thing. I’m running the Madison Mini, which is ranked the #14 best half marathon by Runner’s World. In terms of time, I have zero expectations for this race. I have quite a few friends running it so I just want to go out and have a good time.

Now for the most important thing: Today is Bennet and I’s Negative One Year Anniversary! What is that, you ask? We have just one year until our wedding day! I say “just” loosely. 365 days is 365 too many because I am so incredibly excited to marry this guy.

I won’t be gushy, but I have one thing to share. Yesterday I saw this link on my Facebook feed: 21 Uncommon Romantic Gestures That Would Make Any Girl Melt.

As I started to read the article I thought, “I’m totally going to send this to Bennet as a hint.” But as I continued on I thought, “Well, at least he does that one…oh, he does that one too….Yep, there’s another.”

I finished the list and I realized how lucky I am. He’s actually amazing. Sometimes I forget all the little (and not so little) things Bennet does for me. Lately I have been stressed with wedding planning and let’s just say I can give him some ‘tude. I need to remember that the planning should be fun and in the grand scheme of things they won’t even matter. Because at the end of the day, I get to marry my best friend in the world and most definitely my better half.

365 days to go

Of course, as I’m typing this blog post, flowers are delivered to my office.



One Year Later

Today is my 1-year anniversary of running my first marathon. Holy mac time flies! It’s bizarre to think of the mileage I was pulling out this time last year. On June 3rd, 2012 I ran the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon with my sister, cousins and aunt and uncle. Some miles were good, some were great, but most were brutal. But was it worth it? Hell yeah.

Running my first marathon was so much more than completing the 26.2 miles. It was training day in and day out for 4 months. It was waking up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to rip out 16 miles. It was hating running and it was loving running. It was a celebration. It was a family reunion. It was crossing the finish line and accomplishing something incredible with my best friend and sister.

So what has changed in a years time? Well for starters, I’ve spent a whole lot of money on this sport. And my feet have become immune to blisters and calluses. But I’ve also become a stronger, more experienced runner. Running has become a hobby instead of an annoying task. I’ve become part of a running community and have made amazing friends through this sport. AND lastly, after vowing to never run a marathon again, I’m signed up for the Madison Marathon on November 10th!

Our group of marathoners!

2012 San Diego Marathon