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Tackling my bucket list, one half marathon at a time.


Funkalicious Def

This broad is in a funk (please note: when I use the term “broad,” it is not derogatory).

Anyway, I’m down on running. It’s hard. It’s not fun. It’s a pain in my a$$. It takes too much time. It hurts and I don’t wanna do it. Yes, I’m complaining, pouting, being a baby, all of the above. But I just want the hurts to go away. Why did I sign up for another marathon again?

It’s so frustrating because last week was so great. It was the first time in my training schedule (yeah…don’t judge…only took me to week 5) to finally complete every run on that week’s schedule. And I even did an extra 5k on Sunday!

Thankfully, summer is starting to wind down and I’ll be a little less busy during the week. But this week, I only got ONE of THREE mid-week runs in. I went out for a 6-miler on Wednesday and it was awful. I don’t know what my problem was…I’m not sure if I went out too fast, if I was just tired from the workday, who knows. But at mile 4 I had no energy. So I popped a squat and sat on a bench for about 10 minutes to sit and think about how much I hate this sport. And then I Instagrammed this pic:

Pouting mid-run

THURSDAY: I set my alarm to wake up and run 3 measly miles before work. Did I do it? Nope. My need/want for more sleep always wins in the end.

HOWEVER, I did wake up bright and early this morning (Friday) for a run. A coworker of mine (Ryan) is training for the Chicago Marathon and had 17 miles on the schedule this weekend. We both have busy weekends, so we planned to run together before work. Luckily, I only had 9 miles on my schedule. Ryan was out the door at 4:26 a.m. and met me at my apartment at 5:30 when he hit mile 7. We ran the next 9 together and then he booked it home for his last mile. And wabam. We ran all those miles before work. But yuck. We were both hurting. Every 5 minutes one of us would complain about a body part hurting…or how much this sucked…or how crazy we are. It’s just not fun!!!

Oh well. I’m putting running in the back of my mind for the next 3 days.  I’m off to Chicago for some Lake Michigan boating and bachelorette party shenanigans for the lovely Caitlin Capitanini. This weekend is my first reunion since May with my Iowa lovelies! Let me tell you…going 3 months without seeing my BFF’s is brutal.

Sorry for the negativity…I just needed to get that out. I’ll be more optimistic next week. Hopefully.

For now…enjoy this awesome beat.



Hold the Phone. Megan Gets Serious.

I mentioned last week that my favorite things to talk about are traveling, photography, cheesy quotes, sports, running and music. And I decided to blog about this every Friday. The name of this tradition is still to be determined. But here we go.

Travel: I’m off to Clearwater Beach in 6 days for Gretchen’s bachelorette party with a few of my best friends on the planet. I’ve been planning this shindig for months and I’m so excited that it’s finally here! I just hope Gretchen still loves me after this trip 😉

Which brings me to photography. A lovely picture of Clearwater Beach. Clearwater Beach

Cheesy Quotes: I have an endless list of fabulous quotes so it’s is always difficult to pick just ONE. Beautiful Things

So why did I choose this quote? I’ll get serious for a minute because Megan + Seriousness is rare.

I’ve had a difficult last few months. Not difficult in a sense that I have a drug addiction, lost a loved one or had a Kevin Ware injury. Just more difficult that usual. Let me start by saying I’m an incredibly happy and optimistic person. Anyone who knows me would agree. But the last few months I’ve been confused about life, what I’m doing with it and where I’m going. It just constantly seems like a piece of the puzzle is missing and I’m trying to fill it with temporary fun.

But apparently this is what growing up is. This is what your 20s is about. It’s the time of your life where you find out who you truly are. Or so I’ve been told. I thought that was what college was for? Ugh, those 4 years just didn’t prepare me for life at all.

Well this is what I’ve learned about your 20s: it doesn’t turn out the way you’ve always pictured it. You go to work, have what seems like 30 minutes to yourself, sleep, repeat. You’re not making millions and you get hangovers that last 3x as long as they did at age 21. BUT …

Were the mountains made of rainbow sherbet and the clouds cotton candy until you became an adult? Absolutely not. Life’s been posing questions forever, we just had parents, teachers, adults to give us the right answer or guidance, and now it’s your call.

I am beginning to agree with the above. I do believe I’m finding out who I am. Slowly but surely, the clouds are fading and every once in awhile I get sight of what’s really important. And I’m learning how to be my own person. I’ve always been easy-going and I go with the flow. And more often than not, I put other’s thoughts, feelings, desires ahead of mine. I know that’s necessary from time to time but maybe not as often as I do. I’m happy to say that I’m finally “growing balls.” I’m learning to say “no” and speak my mind. I am happy to say that I’ve changed in the last year and I like the person I’m becoming.

So back to my chosen quote. I’ve come to one more huge realization: I am an incredibly fortunate person. I have a great family, amazing friends, good health and have the opportunity to travel and see/do things others cannot. I encourage you to take a step back for a moment and think of how lucky YOU are. It’s quite refreshing.

–End Serious Tangent–

Sports: During basketball season, I’m a diehard Badger. But the second the season is over, my heart and soul belong to the Hawkeyes. Well, that time of year has come. And it feels good to be back where I belong. Back with the big boys

Running: I got new kicks! I’m pumped because I get to nix the purple shoes (I’m not a fan of purple). But like you’re supposed to, I went with comfort over style. Here are the schnazzy new thangs:

Please forgive the cheesy picture.

Please forgive the cheesy picture.

Random Question: I found this website on Pinterest where you can (apparently) buy North Face at a crazy discount. I’m nervous to try it but I’m curious! Does anyone know if it’s legit?

Music: Do you remember The Boxer Rebellion? Man, I haven’t listened to their music in so long and came across them in a movie last weekend. Ah, what a wonderful, long-lost band. Enjoy. Happy weekend, friends.