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Tackling my bucket list, one half marathon at a time.

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Three Awesome Things

I have 3 awesome things to share.

First, this. It’s a great read about women’s confidence in the workplace. I hold a managerial role at my office and I am lucky enough to have wonderful support from my 4 principals, 3 of which are men. One of my male bosses sent this to me yesterday and I finally got a chance to read it. Moral: HAVE.CONFIDENCE. I’m learning that everyday.

In studies, men overestimate their abilities and performance, and women underestimate both. Their performances do not differ in quality.”

Second, this quote. Beautiful.

Just you wait


Third, a song from Coldplay’s album Ghost Stories, which is released on May 19th.



The Madison Music Scene is Hoppin’

I’ll get to the beats in a second, but……I’m officially signed up for the Arizona Half Marathon on January 20th! I guess it’s time to get my butt in gear. On Wednesday Rock ‘n’ Roll was offering $20 off any race for Aaron Rodgers Day 12.12.12.

No going back now...unless I want to waste $110.

No going back now…unless I want to waste $110.

Now to the tunes…

I don’t know what it is, but I have been musically crazed lately. I think it’s because my body notices I haven’t been to a concert in awhile. Since October 16th to be exact. So I’m craving a concert. Or 8. And it looks like 2013 is going to be quite musically friendly.


The Walkmen are playing at the Overture on January 19th and I was dying to go (thanks to Dominic for pointing this one out). But turns out this is the same weekend of the Half in AZ…priorities. So that one is out.

Kopecky Family Band at The Frequency

I saw The Lumineers at the Frequency back in April and they were phenomenal. The Frequency is a really small venue so we were right up with the band. Anyway, the Kopecky Family Band opened for the Lumineers that night and I loved their music. Turns out…KFB is playing with The Eastern Sea in Madison on January 25th. Add it to the calendar!


A friend of mine who always picks on me for my music taste (He hates Coldplay and is a Phish Phreak) finally found an artist that we both like…Martin Sexton! He’s playing at the Majestic on February 16th and this lovely guy already bought us tickets.


Remember when I was raving about Imagine Dragons a month and a half ago? Well, more great news. They’re playing in Milwaukee on March 2nd. I’m buying tickets the minute they go on sale tomorrow.

Now I’m just waiting for The Temper Trap to tour the US. I tweeted this at them the other day and got no response…I’ll keep trying. If you hate my music taste then you probably hated this post. If you like my music taste, check these bands out…I promise they won’t disappoint. By the way, I apologize for all the links.

Here’s today’s beat, which is from The Mahogany Sessions. I highly suggest following their YouTube channel.


I’m Comin’ For You Arizona

I’ve added an unexpected race to my calendar…The Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Half!

My parents live in Arizona half of the year, so that’s where we normally spend Christmas. Unfortunately and fortunately, we are unexpectantly staying in Wisconsin for the holidays this year.

Unfortunately because I don’t mind getting away from the cold weather for a few days to sunbathe, hike and explore the wonderful shopping Scottsdale has to offer.

Fortunately because plane tickets are up to almost $600…so this is saving me some mad moola.

Well, my sister signed up for the Arizona Marathon on January 20th, which happens to be the same weekend as my mom’s birthday. I figure if I’m not going to AZ for Christmas, why not take a mini-vacation in January, knock another state off my “Run a Half Marathon in all 50 States” list, help my mom celebrate her birthday and add some color to my poor, pale skin in the middle of winter. Great idea, eh? Only downfall is the Half costs $120…bolonga. They should pay me to run.

So voilà, I’m back to training, just like that. I’ve continued running since my St. Louis Half, just not continuously. So …who has a phenomenal 6-week training program for me? It’ll be interesting to say in the least.

Buy it. Now.

Buy it. Now.

In other news, I purchased the Coldplay Live 2012 DVD and it’s 100% phenomenal. It makes crave another Coldplay concert, but I just read their taking a 3-year break from touring. Who does that?! Especially after such a great tour (Mylo Xyloto)?! More bolonga.

Today, the song I’m sharing is by a 13-year-old phenom. 13. THIRTEEN. If you’re into X-Factor, you’re familiar with Carly Rose Sonenclar. She is honestly the only reason I watch that show.