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Healthy Habits to Live By

I haven’t posted in ages so I think my first post back should be short and sweet. I saw this on Pinterest the other day and I kind of love it. However, it can apply to both men and women. Enjoy. I’ll be back to post again some day.50 healthy habits

Photo cred goes to this person.

Oh and one more thing. My sister introduced me to Gregory Alan Isakov last week and I thought I’d share the wealth.



Dipping My Toes in Paleo

Do I have any Paleo followers? The Paleo Diet first sparked my interest about a year ago when I realized I eat way too much cheese and grains. Well, I never actually tried the diet and completely forgot about it.

I just blogged about being in Arizona last week with my sister and the Magargee twins, Danielle and Erin. The three of them tried the Paleo diet for the month of January and made a bunch of Paleo meals while we were on vacation. It wasn’t so bad! Except for the fact that we cheated by eating ice cream. A number of times. Hey…we ran a half marathon…don’t judge.

Anyway, the meals were pretty delicious and they aren’t hard to make. So I’m considering giving this Paleo thing a try. I don’t think I’ll be able to dive in 100%, but I’d make rules: Paleo after noon or Paleo for all dinner meals or Paleo Monday through Friday…hmm.


If you’re not familiar with the Paleo Diet includes, here is a great infographic: