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Tackling my bucket list, one half marathon at a time.


Nothing But Goodness Comes Out of Iowa

I’m going to tell you a little story. Last weekend I went to Iowa City to hang out with friends. The weather wasn’t great, but we Hawkeyes make the most with what we’re given. We don’t let rain ruin our cookouts.This is what we do when it rains in Iowa

I normally only go back to Iowa City during football season, so it was nice to have more time to peruse around town this time.

Iowa City

The main reason we were in Iowa City? I convinced 4 of my best friends from college to do a half marathon with me! And how did we prepare for this little jog?Half Marathon Preperation

After 3 months of grueling training runs…Sunday finally came!start of race

And I’ll tell you what…this route was ridiculously hilly. I absolutely hate hills.

Hills are my enemy

But on the bright side, this beautiful structure came into sight at mile 12.

Beauty called Kinnick

And then this at mile 12.5…which gave me a huge kick at the end.

Iowa Football, nothin better

So I finished another half marathon and crossed my 5th state off my half marathon list. Iowa–check.

Shortly after, the girls all finished!

Half marathon finishers

Left to right: Jamie, Nicole, Torri, Kristin

So proud of these ladies on finishing their first half marathon!

We did it


Oh…and I finally completed one major running goal: Run a sub 2-hour half marathon. And I did it by ONE second might I add.

Sub 2

The end.



You Can Find Me In St. Louie

T-minus 7 hours until I hit the road to St. Louis! And t-minus 45 hours until I run the worst half marathon of my career. Well actually, I take that back. Nothing could be worse than the Madison Half in May 2010.

But really, time-wise…I have very low expectations for this race. I ran once this week and did three very short runs last week. The longest run I did was 11 miles, which I did about 3 weeks ago. My foot is still nagging me but I plan on loading up on Ibuprofen and calling it a day.

I’m running this half with my friends Beth, Ross and Katherine. We may or may not be doing a brewery tour on Saturday (race is Sunday) so this could get interesting. Plus if Iowa beats Penn State tomorrow night, there’s no way this girl isn’t celebrating in some fashion.

BUT on the fun-scale, this half will be great! I plan on running with my phone to snap pics and the 4 of us are going to run together…not going for time. I originally planned on running a sub-2 but I have other halves for that.

I’m so excited for this view!

Our post-race plans? We’re going to the Packers/Rams game! I just hope the Pack plays like they did last Sunday.

Well, here goes nothin’. Have a great weekend all and GO HAWKS.

Enjoy the beat. You’ll want to play it on r.e.p.e.a.t.