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My Life As A Turkey

My boyfriend loves the outdoors–hunting, fishing, wild animals, the forest…anything. Last night he turned on the “My Life As A Turkey” documentary on PBS. Normally when he changes the channel to these types of shows, I tune it out. But last night, this show caught my ear.

Joe Hutto from My Live As A Turkey

Joe Hutto, a wildlife artist and naturalist, raised a group of turkeys from the day they are born to adulthood. He spent every day with them, living as their turkey mother.

See, I wouldn’t normally pay attention to a show like this, but there is a part in the documentary (34:15) where Joe talks about how the turkeys teach him to live in the moment.

“We do not have a privileged access to reality. So many of us live either in the past or the future and betray the moment. And in some sense we forget to live our lives, and the wild turkeys were always reminding me to live my life. I think as humans we have this peculiar predisposition to always be thinking ahead and living a little bit in the future, anticipating the next minute, the next hour, the next day, and wild turkeys don’t do that. They are convinced everything they need, all their needs, can be met only in the present moment and in this space, and the world is not better a half a mile though the woods. It’s not better half an hour from now, and it’s not better tomorrow –- that this is as good as it gets. So, they constantly reminded me to do better, to not live in this abstraction of the future, which by definition will never exist. So, we sort of betray our lives in the moment, and the wild turkeys reminded me to be present, to be here.”

Just a little something to think about.