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Tackling my bucket list, one half marathon at a time.


Nothing But Goodness Comes Out of Iowa

I’m going to tell you a little story. Last weekend I went to Iowa City to hang out with friends. The weather wasn’t great, but we Hawkeyes make the most with what we’re given. We don’t let rain ruin our cookouts.This is what we do when it rains in Iowa

I normally only go back to Iowa City during football season, so it was nice to have more time to peruse around town this time.

Iowa City

The main reason we were in Iowa City? I convinced 4 of my best friends from college to do a half marathon with me! And how did we prepare for this little jog?Half Marathon Preperation

After 3 months of grueling training runs…Sunday finally came!start of race

And I’ll tell you what…this route was ridiculously hilly. I absolutely hate hills.

Hills are my enemy

But on the bright side, this beautiful structure came into sight at mile 12.

Beauty called Kinnick

And then this at mile 12.5…which gave me a huge kick at the end.

Iowa Football, nothin better

So I finished another half marathon and crossed my 5th state off my half marathon list. Iowa–check.

Shortly after, the girls all finished!

Half marathon finishers

Left to right: Jamie, Nicole, Torri, Kristin

So proud of these ladies on finishing their first half marathon!

We did it


Oh…and I finally completed one major running goal: Run a sub 2-hour half marathon. And I did it by ONE second might I add.

Sub 2

The end.



I’ve Developed an Addiction

I’ve neglected my blog. That can only mean one thing…summer is (almost) here. I promised an update on the Iowa runners weeks ago, so I think it’s time I lived up to that.

Our Iowa City half marathon is this Sunday! The girls have been training hard and I am so, so proud of them. Here are individual updates:

Gretchen: is out, unfortunately. She developed a wicked little thing called Peroneal Tendinitis, which I experienced last October. Injury plus the fact that she’s getting married in 2 weeks really took a toll on her training. But she’s still coming to Iowa City to hang out with us!

Nicole: this girl ran 11 miles last week! She got a late start to training but has really kicked it in gear the last few weeks. She’s learning the joys of running: chaffing, shin splints and inconvenient potty breaks. But nonetheless, she stuck with it and is ready for Sunday!

Torri: she’s been rocking it throughout the whole training program. She’s followed the program pretty religiously and even went out for a run with me when we were in Florida a few weeks ago! She had to cut it short because she got new shoes, which were killing her toes. She did most of her training on the treadmill so running outside also hit her hard. I believe she’s spent the last few weeks outside??

Kristin: ohhh Kristin. This girl did the 2010 Chicago Marathon with minimal training. She went out for her first run…eh maybe 2 weeks ago? She called me Sunday in a panic that she’s unprepared. But anyone that knows Kristin knows that she doesn’t give up. The girl will do this half, no matter how long it takes her and she’ll still have a smile on her face when she’s done. The first words out of her mouth at the finish? Give me a beer.

Jamie: she’s one person I’ve never worried about through this process. Jamie has been a runner for a couple years (but low mileage) and has done 10-mile runs in the past. Yes, she’s struggled a bit through training, but who doesn’t?

Megan: this is the best I’ve felt about training in a long time. The last few halves I’ve done, I   didn’t commit much time to my long runs because of busy schedules and winter weather. I went for a Lake Monona Loop (12 miles) last Saturday with my sister and friend Krista. It hurt, but I felt good about it overall. My goal this half marathon: have fun with my friends and no walking!! We run by Kinnick Stadium at mile 12.5 so I think that will give me a great push where I normally struggle.

Beautiful, isn't it??

Beautiful, isn’t it??

In other news, I’ve become obsessed with running signing up for races. Here is my calendar:

  • May 5th: Iowa City Half Marathon
  • May 26th: Madison Half Marathon
  • July 21st: possibly the Chicago Half Marathon??
  • August 11: Milwaukee Color Run
  • September 8th: volunteer for Ironman Wisconsin
  • September 28th: Brewers Half Marathon in Milwaukee
  • October 20th: Denver Half Marathon
  • November 10th: Madison Full Marathon

Help…do I have an addiction to medals? 🙂

And lastly, on a whim last night I bought tickets to Ed Sheeran in Milwaukee next Friday. I’m so excited! I’ve recently developed an obsession with his music. Which brings me to today’s beat: