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Marathon Training Take Two

It’s been one month since I’ve blogged…oops.

So what’s new? Well, I’m back to marathon training (eek). I’m not in training mode yet, but I need to snap into it ASAP. I’ve been lacking on my mid-week runs because I’m an overcommitter and have no free time. That and I’m a horrible morning person. But no excuses! I need to get in gear.

This time around is just so different than training for my first marathon. Last time, my whole family was training for their first marathon as well, we were constantly updating each other and there for support. Plus, if I didn’t commit and go through with the marathon, I would have been letting them all down.

This time around I’m training with running friends, but we’ve all done this before. We’ve done a number of halves together, everyone has done a marathon and running together on Saturday’s is routine now. You’d think this would make it easier to stick to my schedule, but for some reason it doesn’t. I keep thinking, “meh. I’m in shape…cranking out a 12 miler will be a cinch.” WRONG. I haven’t run over 12 miles in a month. I need an attitude adjustment.

OK enough rambling.

What else is new? Well, my niece is 6 weeks old and the cutest little booger on the planet:

Mila Moo at 1 month

Mila Moo at 1 month

I get to babysit her all day next Saturday and I can’t wait! Here’s a video I took of her at 3 weeks, being tortured by her father:

I sound like a creepy lady who is obsessed with children. But I’m not. I promise. Sorta.

The music scene: 2 great updates!

1. I got tickets to Mumford & Son’s in Milwaukee on September 3rd and I get giddy just thinking it. Another item to cross off the bucket list!

2. You may remember I absolutely love the Kopecky Family Band. Well, they played in Madison again last Friday (and were of course phenomenal) and they gave us great news: they’re performing on Leno next Wednesday, July 31st. If you remember, try to tune in! I’m so glad they’re getting more recognition.

photo 1So for today’s beat I’m sharing my favorite KFB song, Angry Eyes. Have a great weekend!



One Year Later

Today is my 1-year anniversary of running my first marathon. Holy mac time flies! It’s bizarre to think of the mileage I was pulling out this time last year. On June 3rd, 2012 I ran the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon with my sister, cousins and aunt and uncle. Some miles were good, some were great, but most were brutal. But was it worth it? Hell yeah.

Running my first marathon was so much more than completing the 26.2 miles. It was training day in and day out for 4 months. It was waking up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to rip out 16 miles. It was hating running and it was loving running. It was a celebration. It was a family reunion. It was crossing the finish line and accomplishing something incredible with my best friend and sister.

So what has changed in a years time? Well for starters, I’ve spent a whole lot of money on this sport. And my feet have become immune to blisters and calluses. But I’ve also become a stronger, more experienced runner. Running has become a hobby instead of an annoying task. I’ve become part of a running community and have made amazing friends through this sport. AND lastly, after vowing to never run a marathon again, I’m signed up for the Madison Marathon on November 10th!

Our group of marathoners!

2012 San Diego Marathon


Because I Can

I signed up for another marathon. Wait…WHAT?

After running the San Diego Marathon last June, I vowed to never run another marathon again. Well, apparently I lied. I am officially registered for the Madison Marathon on November 10th.

I'm running another marathon

So why did I sign up? Because I can. Because I’m fortunate enough to have the ability to run.

And because of this. (No seriously. That link is worth reading.)

And this:

Good people

And for statements like this (taken from a friend’s Facebook page):

Burning out someone’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter. I’m sick that the Boston Marathon, a day meant to be a celebration of confidence, motivation, self-awareness, support, and strength could turn to this. I’m running Chicago, and expect to finish in somewhere over 4 hours…right around the time explosions hit Boston’s finish line. October 13th I’m no longer running for a personal challenge. I’ll be running with vengeance for this foolish hatred, for the victims, and with hope….for change.

The day after the Boston Marathon a local news station’s Facebook page asked if the bombings would deter people from signing up for future races. Me? Hell no. It did the complete opposite.

So there you have it. I’m running another marathon.


Whose Stupid Idea Was It To Cancel The Office?

Now that I’m back in my running groove, I actually look forward to my runs instead of dreading them. I went for a 10-miler Saturday morning with a few friends and it couldn’t have gone better. I was a tad nervous because I hadn’t run over 5 miles since my marathon in June (whoops).

We met at Brittingham Boathouse at 7:30am and hit the road. I forgot how much distance you cover in those longer runs. I feel like we ran all over tarnation (yes, I just pulled a Carol and said tarnation–Carol is my mother).

I also forgot how peaceful it is to run so early in the morning. The views are great, the other runners are friendly and the weather is perfect.

My favorite view of Madison: the road along John Nolen Dr. I’ve taken this pic one hundred times and it never gets old.

We turned to the Memorial Terrace, which could be my 3rd favorite place in Madison, right behind the Capital Square.

Sailboats outside the Memorial Terrace

We finished our run a little after 9am. Most people are just starting their day and I already had 10 miles under my belt. Ah, what a feeling.

I finished my Saturday, spending it with Badger Nation. There were definitely better things to do (like spend the day tailgating with REAL football fans… Hawkeyes), but that would do. The game was…entertaining to say in the least. I’ll leave it at that.

Camp Randal vs Utah State

Onto more important issues:

Parks and Rec starts Thursday, so I have been frequenting this site lately.

I saw a promo for the final season of The Office tonight. True story: I almost started to cry. I’ve been searching for the 30-second clip, but I can’t find it. But it goes something like this. And yes, I DID cry to that video. I’m a sap. Not afraid to deny it. But really…Office fans, if you haven’t already seen this clip, watch it. Just hilarious. How can this show end? Talk about depressing.

Enjoy today’s beat:


Movin’ On Up

Today’s Motivation

Today, I made the executive decision to change my marathon training from Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Program to the Novice 2 Program. The Difference? It’s a slight step up in difficulty from Novice 1 with a tad higher mileage.

Why did I change my program? Who knows. I figure if I’m crazy enough to do a marathon, I’m crazy enough to push myself a little harder.

Hal Higdon is apparently the god of running and running programs. The have an AWESOME iPhone app to help with your runs. My one complaint? I have a Droid! I’m bugging them on Twitter and their blog to create an Android version.

Questions for runners:

  • What do you do for your cross training workout?
  • During the marathon (exclude training from this q), do you walk the hills to save energy?
  • What do you eat throughout the day that you find gives you energy for your long runs?
  • How can you get your body used to running in the morning??

Lastly, I’m on dailymile. I have 2 friends, so feel free to add me.


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Day One: In the Books

1 day down, 124 to go.

I’m doing Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Training Program.

I ran today’s scheduled 3 miles in 26 minutes and 14 seconds, averaging 8:44 per mile. My goal is to keep my training under 9-minutes miles. I also want to run the same course in a few weeks but the opposite direction, which is a lot more hilly.

Today was a breeze. I just wish all my workouts could be this easy!

I’m going to need a lot of motivation during my 18 weeks of training. The picture below is the motivation I found today. How inspiring is that? The boy grows out of his legs. If he can find a reason to smile, I sure can.

Picture source: paulkeem